SHE JUST LEFT ME ❤️ How To Save My Marriage When One Wants Out

In this lesson, you will discover how to save your marriage when one wants out or even after a divorce has already taken effect. You will discover how to reverse it completely.

QUESTION ⁉️ “Please pray for. She just left me and we have 3 kids.”


How To Save Your Marriage When One Wants Out

So you now feel alone and it feels like there is no hope to save your marriage.

As a matter of fact, your spouse has expressly told you that there is no chances of saving your marriage.

Don’t panic.

That’s just how your spouse feels in this moment…

The more you think it’s bigger than this moment, the further away your actions will push him or her.

Take advantage of this quiet and fortunate moment to work on yourself.

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how to save your marriage when one wants out

The Truth About the Chances of Saving Your Marriage

So let me come clean a little bit.

It’s going to be difficult to get your spouse to suddenly change their decision to end your marriage.

But that actually has nothing to do with the possibility of it and even building a stronger marriage even with the same person.

Think of the task ahead as building yourself and your strength in preparation for and even better marriage.

The more difficult it is, the stronger emotions you will build to withstand an already difficult life.

Your marriage got into the space it is because you didn’t show up properly; at least 50% of the status is your responsibility.

With that being said, all it takes is YOU to start a new dance and there is a good chance that your spouse or ex will join the dance if they’ve ever being in love with you.

Can you really save a marriage if only one wants to?

Yes and in fact, that’s the best position because it’s an opportunity to build strength for a better self, relationship and marriage.

How do you know when your marriage is really over?

A marriage is over when at least one of the parties in a marriage is shut down and not open to hearing your feelings, it is over.

But because it is over doesn’t mean you cannot build a new marriage even with the same person.

Can a toxic marriage be saved?

Yes and it’s almost in a weird way the best position to be in to build a better marriage from scratch even with the same spouse.

How do you save a dying marriage?

You can save a dying marriage by removing, working on and building your self first.

Get My Marriage Back by Lola & OLAAre you STRUGGLING in your... MARRIAGE OR RELATIONSHIP?

Are you having a difficult time getting your spouse or the person you love on the same page? Is your dream to build a happily ever after life heading down the drains?

I know... The harsh reality is that your marriage is over... IT'S BROKEN... "Can it be saved?"

...And maybe you still even live in the house with your spouse, barely any sex or intimacy and probably in denial. I get it.

You wonder... "Is that the inevitable supposed and purposed end for marriages?" You know you didn't bargain for such a painful experience.

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There’s nothing worse than being in a marriage you thought was ordained by God and feeling like you are in eternal bondage and it seems there will never be an end.

It feels very dark in your matrimonial home and you can’t even share your ordeal with anyone. You try so many moves to save your marriage but your spouse just doesn’t care anymore; feel as though he/she is no more the person you married.

Finally, you thought may be you should communicate more but the very act of communication digs deeper and deeper holes of arguments, fights, emotional aches and more.

Exhausted, you share your experience with your family and now the whole family is in feud; your parents, siblings, on both sides of the family etc. They have all caught feelings.

You wonder if your kids will have a home with both parents 6 months from now... it feels like no one cares or ever cared. If you feel a connection to this reality at any level, I feel your pain. Lola and I know what that feels like.

Inside this book, you will discover our full story from being madly in love to a completely destroyed marriage; DIVORCE and back together stronger.

Whatever "destroyed marriage" means in your imagination, we've been through it and it was basically impossible to fix our marriage.

We didn't fix it.

Get My Marriage BackWe created a brand new, better and stronger marriage empire on 3 pillars that you will discover in...


May be your situation is not bad at all, every marriage will go through crisis as a test to take you to greatness.

This book will prepare you for it when it comes.

If you feel like your home is heading in a very bad direction, you can't stop arguing, you can't speak your mind etc... you need all 3 sections of this book.

  1. Emergency
  2. New Foundation
  3. Real Love Techniques

Get My Marriage Back PDF

It's time for you to build that real love experience (that you bargained for when you got married to your spouse)

...from a very intentional and deliberate stand point. Marriage is not a partnership and it's takes more than common sense.

I'm sure you are a smart person because you found your way here. But clearly, your smartness and common sense hasn't worked out well in your marriage.

The secrets Lola and I share with you in this book work both in the ancient and even better in the civilized age.

It doesn't matter if divorce has been filed and completed even years ago.

There is still hope for a happy and exotic love affair with the person you love again when you learn these secret techniques.

i checked out... Affairs, infidelity, 3rd party and extended family influences, vendetta, bitterness, resentments.... Eventually she said it all...

"I need space."

"I need time."

"I need to find myself."

"I don't love you anymore."

As you can imagine or probably experienced already, that's not a fun thing to here from your spouse or a person you love.

Because of the unusual bond and friendship we've always had, it was even more confusing for the both us to be in that space.

In her words....

"I was lost and cried on the wrong shoulders."

Once I was ready to put my home together, I engaged in 3 simple secret techniques that attracted her back on a journey in joint forces with me.


Like I said, it was impossible for Lola and I to get back together... our marriage hit rock bottom. It was too late. The damage was irreversible and all that.

In the book, you will learn why that's the best thing that actually happened to us in the 9th year of our marriage.

By the 10th year of marriage, she filed for the divorce.

Just the 2 of us have taken the full the responsibility for how we got into that space. Other people were involved and it made things even worse but we intentionally and unintentionally invited them in...

Lola and I are 100% responsible for the invitation.

Guess who's responsible for our brand new and stronger marriage. Besides God, we both take full credit for that as well.

YES... It took 2 to tango using the techniques in this book. But I, Ola, started the dance first and it worked. You only need "YOU" to put this secret techniques to work immediately either as the husband or wife who wants to fight for the marriage.

It's a quick read but you will enjoy it because we opened up and shared tons of our stories with you. You will be able to relate to one or all of these stories .

Lola & OLAWe know the EXACT feeling of the pain, hurt and heart ache that you are going through.

We are the ultimate on-going success story.

I know you want your marriage back... But what use is a toxic marriage if you are not happy.

The real BIG DEAL about these secret techniques is that they lead with ensuring your happiness which is EXACTLY how you will attract your spouse back.

  • If the marriage is over, the 1st section of the book is basically the emergency room; you will discover how to stop the bleeding and create stability all by yourself INSTANTLY.
  • If you are arguing always, going to bed angry with resentments, you will discover EXACTLY why and how to eliminate that type of vibe forever.
  • If you are in love right now in a brand new marriage, you will discover the subtle and "seemingly non-harmful behaviors" that can destroy what you have; no one taught you these things.

Get My Marriage Back by LOLA & OLA... and much more to discover in this full 12 chapters.

No one who know us enough will ever believe that we ever attempted divorce; but it happened.

But we got our marriage back and you too can do the same... BRAND NEW.

Remember when both of you were in love...

You can get back to an even a better place because of the massive wisdom you will discover in this book combined with the pain you have now.

You can download the digital PDF copy absolutely FOR FREE right here. But I can't promise you that this offer will stay that way for life.
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Is there anyway to save my marriage?”


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QUESTION ⁉️ “I am in no point of return. Still married, acting as his wife and waiting for him to change.

All these videos don’t address the most important factor in this.

Both people have to be mentally healthy and agree to implement these steps. This is all bullsh&T and makes me even feel more hopeless.

What do I do in that situation? I am alone in this and try to get him to see how I am feeling. He isn’t supportive.”


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