Marriage Counselor ⁉️ Want to Save the Marriage ❤️ He is NOT Ready

A marriage counselor can help with infidelity and can help with infidelity recovery and trust issues if the session is not blame, guilt and fault focused.

Go there to figure out why it happened from a psychological standpoint and see if it’s possible to avoid in the future.

WARNING! This is easier said than done because we are humans and naturally seek to blame something or someone for misfortunes.

Even people find themselves blaming God.

“What is infidelity in a marriage and why does it happen outside of the fact that it is not your fault?”

That is a question you need to get a marriage counselor to help you find answers to with respect to your particular relationship.

Well… As I just said, it is not your fault even if you are the offender; it’s not about faults, guilt and blame.

Let me explain…

A marriage is something that we all say “I do” to when we clearly don’t know what we are doing.

That’s the #1 reason why you may have found yourself in a mess

In spite of the fact that at least one of you two feels like you, he/she loves the other.


Below is a question for us to address with this lesson...

“I have done all the mistakes because my husband just stopped taking my calls.

Everyone in the family called and tried to talk to him.

We are separated for just a year and the husband just doesn't want to meet.

And we have no common platforms to work this marriage out.

He is not ready to sit.

I have no other option than to file a complaint and sit and tell…

What does he want?

I still want to save the marriage but he is not ready.

So I even agreed to let go of him with mutual divorce.

But he doesn't want that even.

Don’t know what’s on his mind. I’m so stuck.”

Enjoy the video.



Marriage Counselor

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QUESTION ⁉️ “My wife was a military veteran for 15 years and was divorced twice. She then spent 20years unattached.

I met her and we got married after a short courtship. Several of my friends said that she and I weren't suited. I disagreed but it seemed they were right.

We argue all the time; almost daily. I tried the time-out method. She just follows me and continues chopping in my ears.

We are in counseling but don't seem to work. I am at my wit end. How do I make this relationship work?”


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CRISIS WITH IN-LAWS ❤️ Help For Marriage

QUESTION ⁉️ “Hi, I am having marriage problems and I have some questions. My husband started to act weird when he started talking to his sister.

His feelings of love went from me to her; I don’t know what went wrong.

It all changed when he came into our lives. He says he loves me but tells her he never says it to me. I need help.”


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