“Is My Wife Cheating?” 💔 10 Additional Questions To Find Out

In this lesson, you will discover the real answer to this age-old question (Is my wife cheating?) and why the answer is probably not what you need before these 10 questions.

Nonetheless, I will give you the answer.

We are sorry that you have found yourself in this space with your marriage.  We want to help and this article will be a great start.

Warning! Do not read anything else about cheating suspicions until you read this article in its entirety.  You will break your home if you do.

With that being said, in this previous post, we shared 10 signs that your wife just slept with someone else.

We created that article but there is a problem that reading that article can potentially create and that’s turning you into an FBI agent in your own marriage.

What happens after reading these types of articles is the initiation of the vicious cycle, rabbit hole and urge to start looking for more information on how to catch your wife with another man.

It will never be enough.

There is usually a complete neglect for the psychological factors involved when you find yourself in this space of cheating and infidelity suspicions.

What If Your Wife Cheated?

This question is a bigger question that we want you to answer before you embark on the painful journey of finding out if your wife cheated.

There is a difference between those 2 questions; “Is your wife cheating?” and “What if your wife cheated?”.

But both questions are just as painful because the subject of the matter is still “cheating.”

And we can’t afford to manipulate you out of wondering if this has, in fact, happened because you have your reasons for the suspicion.

We can groom the mind in the direction that’s healthy over time but we can’t just format it like a computer disk if this is an actual concern.

So what if she cheated?  

As painful as that question is to process, what would you do?  That answer is more important than finding out if she’s actually cheating.

Are You Satisfied With Your Findings?

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In an ideal world, you would check out all the signs that the gurus provide and your findings would indicate that your wife is not cheating.

But does that really satisfy the root cause of your concerns?

When you suggest to the husband of these modern days the possibility of being insecure, they get very defensive.

Insecurity is one issue but the tendency to get very defensive quickly is another behemoth issue all together.

By default, the root cause of the quest to know if your wife is cheating is insecurity.  

The confusion comes when you think that the possibility of your insecurity is a crime that negates the possibility that your wife could also be cheating.

Two things can be true at the same time.

So if your findings say that she is not cheating, the human mind will tend to keep looking for answers that align more with the suspicion.

And if your findings indicate that she has been cheating, what would you do?

Therefore the only answer you should be looking for is these… 

10 Questions Before Finding Out If She Is Cheating Or Not … 

  1. “What if your wife is cheating?”  
  1. If she’s cheating, what would be the next step?  
  1. Would that hurt and to what extent?  
  1. Would you leave the marriage?  
  1. If you decide to stay, under what condition?
  1. What condition is healthy for you to stay in a marriage with a cheater?
  1. What about healing from the wound of that level of betrayal?
  1. What about healing from not being in bondage of always wondering if she’s still cheating?
  1. Is total redemption from the effects of a cheating wife even possible?
  2. How do I stop wondering if my wife is cheating?

Here Is An Example of A Good Reason For Cheating Concerns

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A reader reached out to us. He thinks his wife is cheating.

According to him, she was never a social person. But recently, she has been hanging out late on random nights after work with co-workers.   

Before his suspicions, she would call or text if she was going to be late for any reason but it’s getting really bad these days.

One day, after texting and calling her, looking for her and even reaching out to her family, with no response, he was forced to trace her to the bar around her workplace.

Eventually, she ran into her car and just waited long enough for her.  She eventually came out of a male co-workers’ car.

When they talked about it, she claimed that she was too drunk to come home right away so she decided to just hang out and talk with the male co-worker in his car.

Now… is there enough information to confirm what he has been suspecting?  No.  

Is She Right Or Wrong?

… to even be in these compromising positions of hanging out, getting drunk around male friends and co-workers who she is obviously very comfortable with?

Whatever your answer is would be correct.  You have the right to be right.

Is it possible that his wife is cheating on him?  Yes.

Is it possible that she is not cheating at all? Yes.

Which answer is more probable? Your outlook on life will be the lens of choice here.

None of the answers is relevant to the real issue at hand which is the fact that your wife has found a safer zone outside of your marriage.

Is it your fault?  Blame, guilt, judgement and condemnations are irrelevant to a healthy way forward.

A bigger issue is also that you are now operating out of fear and not faith.  This will kill every ounce of attraction left in your marriage.

If you care for her, your goal should be one of these two different goals; to attract her back or let her go to set yourself free.

It just so happens that letting her go will increase the chances of attracting her back as we all know that the streets are not safe for anyone.

But it takes certain types of experience for some people to find out.

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The worst thing you can do is to continue to go down the rabbit hole of being an FBI or CIA agent in the sanctity of your own home.

That’s never going to be fun and it will never create a positive fruit for your own life.  We understand that a cheating wife won’t do that either.

However, you are better off working with the law of attraction.  Focus on yourself and you will attract what’s best for you, including the best out of your wife.

If she’s just naturally a cheater (which is possible), you will also attract that information in a more healthy way that will allow you to move forward in the most healthy way.

At least, you won’t be missing out on a fun life until that happens.

Seeking individual counseling, coaching and therapy is also not a bad idea in this space because this is going to be easier said than done.  

It can be very hard to just relax when you have real suspicions.

Don’t forget to download your free book Get My Marriage Back at:


Also check out the 30 minutes free coaching and discovery session that we will give you access to right after the download.

Can This Marriage Be Saved? (5 Tips From Law of Attraction)💔

In this lesson, we are sharing 5 tips to save a marriage especially when one person is lukewarm or checked out.

Here is what Steve wrote to us.

“I’m an alcoholic and have said mean things to my wife while drunk. 

I also disconnected emotionally and sexually for most of our two year marriage. 

My wife has borderline personality disorder and tried very hard to save our marriage. 

She then got very depressed and attempted suicide.

I found her and with cpr; after 13 days in the hospital she recovered and then left. 

It’s been 3 months.

I went to rehab and quit drinking. I have been working on me and us.

She has finally come around some. She is warm and cold. Can this marriage be saved?”

So what do we have here?

This is an interesting story and as usual, we’ve extracted 5 tips that any married couple can use to rekindle attraction in their marriage.

These tips are mostly valid if you decide that saving the marriage is the best move for you as an individual.

As usual, it is easier said than done because it is highly rewarding when done right.

Today, there are many versions of the law of attraction but with respect to marriage, it is this simple; you attract the marriage that you are involved in.

Tip #5 – Self Awareness

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Most people would like to know the potential risk ahead in any endeavor.  

That’s why the easiest advice for anyone to give when it comes to marriage is to prepare by talking about everything before getting married.

But it’s useless advice for the most part because self awareness is false in the midst of falling in love with another flawed human being.

So I want you to replace  that with self-awareness only with respect to what you can control in the present.

That’s what was demonstrated when Steve said “I’m an alcoholic and have said mean things to my wife while drunk.”

It’s a step in the right direction to attracting a healthy and blissful marriage (again).

This must be very easy… right?

Tip #4 – Self Accountability

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Honestly, it is one of the hardest things for humans to do; stand in the mirror, learn and gain intelligence from that standpoint.

Steve also said “I also disconnected emotionally and sexually for most of our two year marriage.” 

What most people do is point fingers and at best, play an all inclusive blame game when you hear things like “we were both wrong.”

When you do that, the emphasis goes on the word “wrong” from an attack standpoint and that exposes your partner to a need to become defensive.

“Wrong” as a thing then expands because in the law of attraction, what you focus on expands; positive or negative.

So does that mean one person can save the marriage?

Tip #3 – Let Go & Let God

Eventually, it takes two but it doesn’t have to start with two.  In fact, it never starts with both parties; one person is usually shut off already.

But here is a tricky one.

One of the biggest delusional behaviors we take-on when we get married is to directly or indirectly try to control our spouse.

It’s actually worse when you are doing it indirectly because you are not aware; in fact, you’d argue that your behavior is not controlling but it is… precisely from an insecure place.

We’ve all done it.

From Steve’s story, it was important that he let her go when a crisis hit his marriage.  

Natural instincts and common sense say you should fight which most people interpret as endless begging, manipulation, ambush, family meetings etc.

With respect to the law of attraction, the human mind runs farther away from perceived pain when you chase as opposed to pursue.

If you find yourself in this situation, you have a significantly higher chance of attracting your spouse back when you let go and learn how to pursue.

Here is the difference between chasing and pursuing.

Pursuit in the context of romance puts more energy towards preparing and waiting for the right opportunity from a place of abundance to woo a partner.

So you just wait?  For how long?

Tip #2 – Self Improvement

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You are not just waiting. 

I know self-improvement may sound like a cliche but it’s not as simple as it sounds.  Remember earlier when we talked about self-accountability as a difficult thing to do.

Instead of waiting just to attract your marriage, I want you to “not wait” but take advantage of this opportunity of being alone (which may never come again because you are about to become high value) to increase your market place value.

Yes.  There is a market place and your estranged partner is aware directly or indirectly of (at least) perceived higher value on the other side.

The grass always seems greener on the other side right?  But that’s because someone is watering it or the grass is fake… synthetic.

When Steve said… “I went to rehab and quit drinking. I have been working on me and us.”

Working on “me” is key to leveraging the law of attraction to rekindle his marriage.

And the “us” part can set him up for failure because it automatically embeds expectations of another human in the process.  

It creates a sense of entitlement but not necessarily intentionally.

The key is to focus on self improvement because it will build self worth, esteem, and confidence and your dating marketplace value.

That may just be what your partner needs to see before coming back around to earn you back.

But for how long again… right?

Tip #1 – Infinite Patience


How long should you be engaged in self improvement and development?  Shouldn’t that be forever?  This process requires infinite patience.

I know you are probably in a position to be obsessed about wanting your spouse back but that’s precisely why they are probably running.

Be aware that rejection breeds obsession but also vice versa.  

Being obsessed over a human being transmits the vibe that you are readily available which means it’s okay to take you for granted.

In fact, you really shouldn’t be waiting if you want the highest chance of attracting your spouse back; you should be in the mindset-space that…

If  your spouse comes around, they have to earn you back.

You need to see that much value in yourself before others, especially someone who checked out, can see that value.

Steve said, “She has finally come around some. She is warm and cold. Can this marriage be saved?”


It can be saved but it’s best when it is the idea of the person that checked out because it means they can see the value.

5 Signs Your wife is NOT Attracted to You ❤️

Do you feel like your wife is no longer attracted to you?

First of all, every marriage is different.

But there are some things that are universal when it comes to signs that a woman is not attracted to you.

Some things are very peculiar to your particular relationship with your wife. 

Well, let’s  assess together and see if she’s no longer attracted to you or it’s simply just your feelings.

Sometimes, how you feel can be far away from the reality of things.

signs my wife is not attracted to me

In this video newsletter,

I will share 5 different signs you should look out for

in order to determine the level of your wife’s attraction to you.

Keep in mind that attraction in any given moment in time is temporary.

So the last thing you want to do is overreact if you feel like your wife is not attracted to you;

at this very moment.

The key phrase there is “in this very moment”.

These signs are only valid if they never existed before but now your recent suspicions.

Sign #1 – One-Word Answers

If you get a one-word answer every time you ask your wife open-ended questions,

that’s a sign that she’s probably not attracted to you at this point in time.

That’s a sign that your wife is not interested in a conversation with you.

An open-ended question is a question that requires somewhat of an elaborate insight, and opinion.

Average human being loves to share their opinions under normal circumstances.

If your wife has gotten to a place where she’s no longer interested in sharing her thoughts

and opinions when you create opportunities for her to do so,

That could be a sign of low attraction.

If that suddenly starts happening from time to time, over and over, consistently over time,

…you should look into finding out the underlying reasons.

ON THE PREVIOUS POST: How to Deal with an Unsupportive Husband

Sign #2 – She is Disrespectful

When a woman is not attracted, her behavior may start coming off as disrespectful.

What is disrespectful?

To be honest with you, it depends on how you feel and the unique Dynamics in your relationship with your wife.

So if you feel like she’s being disrespectful, you would know because you know what it feels like when she’s not being disrespectful.

A woman that does not respect you cannot love you; at least they can’t be in love with you at this moment.

So with respect to how things normally are in your marriage to your wife, if you feel like she’s being disrespectful,

Then she clearly is not interested in the intimacy that you are used to in your marriage.

 A woman who is attracted to you will not be disrespectful to you.

Sign #3 – She Suddenly Started Avoiding Argument

Arguments are extremely toxic, they create slow but sure death for intimacy and attraction in a marriage.

By the way, a man who understands women does not argue with women and it’s really that simple.

It really doesn’t matter if we are talking about your wife or your mother.

A disagreement is not the same thing as an active argument.

With that being said, if your wife used to engage in argumentative conversations with you and she suddenly stops,

That could be a sign that she’s losing respect for you.

If she has to lead in any capacity consistently, over time, she will lose respect and attraction towards you.

In a little bit of a twisted way, the sudden stop is a sign that she is no longer interested in needing you to be on her side of an argument.

It’s not the argument that she’s avoiding, it’s a conversation with you that she’s avoiding, granted that the argument may have gotten to that toxic level.

While I do advise every couple to avoid argument, being dismissive is not the way to go about it.

Avoiding it should be more of a deliberate Act of building your relationship with your significant other and never about “being dismissive.”

But she is a woman who may have had to lead in avoiding arguments in your marriage; she cannot be attracted to you right now.

If things have gotten to that toxic level where one of the parties is now being dismissive, that could be a sign of loss of respect.

As I stated earlier, loss of respect is almost if not equivalent to loss of attraction.

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Sign #4 – She Stopped PDAs

PDA stands for Public Display Of Affection.

As always, this sign is only valid if you are used to a wife who used to be very interested in public display of affection such as:.

  • Cuddling
  • Hugging
  • Kissing
  • Holding hands and so on

If she suddenly stopped showing interest in these things that could be a sign of low attraction.

But like I said, if the Dynamics of your marriage were never like that, this may not be an indication of anything with respect to attraction.

I do think it’s weird when I see married couples who don’t flirt at all because most couples that are attracted to each other tend to do these things.

Sign #5 – She Never Initiates

In most marriages, there’s always one of the spouses who initiate sex most of the time because of unmatched sexual appetite.

However every now and then, the one who doesn’t will take it upon him or herself to switch things up and that’s usually an exciting spontaneity for the couple.

But if you’re in a situation where she never initiates at all, there’s a chance that she is not attracted to you; at least not sexually.


There may be other signs outside of the scope of this video newsletter, but it really doesn’t matter as the solution is the same across board.

If you’re feeling like your wife is not attracted to you in recent times, the solution I will recommend to you has everything to do with just you and you only.

Start paying attention to some self-love, self development and less attention to how your wife may be feeling.

Allow your wife to wonder about what you are up to.

If you take some time off wondering about how much attraction your wife feels towards you, that alone can make her start to feel attracted to you again.

But also, you will be literally building yourself to attract the type of love that you desire and deserve.

If you allow her room for her to wonder about what you’re up to, that’s literally almost if not the equivalence of building attraction back up in your relationship.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know when your wife isn’t attracted to you?

If your wife has suddenly started avoiding arguments, stopped PDA’s, started being disrespectful, giving you one word answers, and making you ask these questions, she is losing attraction to you.

Why isn’t my wife attracted to me anymore?

One sure way to get your wife to continue to lose attraction towards you is taking attention off self love and self confidence.
Ultimately, it depends on the particular story that led you down this path.

What does it mean when your wife doesn’t show affection?

It can mean a lot of things including loss of attraction but the first best way to find out is to ask her.
If you lack the confidence to ask her, that is a good reason for her to lose attraction towards you and stop showing affection.

How to Deal with an Unsupportive Husband ❤️

What is an unsupportive husband?

If you have found yourself in a situation that makes you feel lack of support from your husband,

You may be wondering if you are now amongst the thousands of women dealing with an unsupportive husband.

Unsupportive Husband

So let’s dig in some 5 of the signs you should look out for.

In addition to that, we will talk about a few ways to attract the support you want from your husband.

Before we dive into the signs, it is important that you know that there is a difference between your feelings and reality.

Our feelings in general tend to exaggerate matters on ground.

Therefore making us attack the people we love and creating a back and forth mix of defensive and offensive behaviors.

You may be feeling unsupported and there may be a blurry line between that feeling and neediness.
Neediness will kill attraction in your marriage but it is quite possible that your husband is simply unsupportive.

So let’s get to the signs.

5 Signs of Unsupportive Husband

How to Save my Marriage – 7 STEPS ❤️ Lola & OLA

SIGN #1 – He Treats You With Disdain

If you’ve found yourself in a marriage with a man who goes out of his way to make you feel unworthy, that’s a classic sign.

SIGN #2 – He Doesn’t Listen

It’s one thing to feel unheard but it’s another for your husband to shut you down every chance he gets to do that.

I don’t know which is worse but that is a sign that you are in a marriage with an unsupportive husband.

SIGN #3 – He Doesn’t Help

As a woman, not only does the society expect that you make sure all house chores are done, YOU probably have put that expectation on yourself.

If your husband doesn’t seem to put any effort into making sure you are not overwhelmed with this culture, he is not a supportive husband.

There are men that would be this way even when their wives are in illness or pregnant.

Unhappy Marriage But Can’t Leave Does he Love Me

SIGN #4 – He is Abusive

There are 3 main different types of abuse namely:

  1. Verbal Abuse
  2. Emotional Abuse
  3. Physical Abuse

All 3 can end up in the same place; worst of which is death.

So make sure you seek professional help if you feel like you are in an abusive marriage.

That’s definitely a sign of an unsupportive husband.

SIGN #5 – He is Numb to Your Feelings

As a human being, we have feelings and yes they can be an exaggeration of reality.

But that is the more reason why the man in a marriage must be aware of those feelings.

If you can’t even get him to listen and see how you are “feeling” specifically, you may be in a marriage with an unsupportive husband.

Maybe he takes everything as an attack, gets defensive and never takes responsibility for the feelings in the marriage…

These are the common signs and issues that wives deal with in a marriage to an unsupportive husband.

Complacency can cause these behaviors; we tend to take each other for granted at some point.

If it’s that simple, you still deserve what you desire in a husband.

The first step is to communicate your feelings in words.

Make sure you are not just being needy and you are in a position where you can support yourself emotionally and in other areas.

If that hasn’t worked, you need to make yourself less available in the relationship and that should increase your value in the relationship.

Remember if you do not have a strong sense of self worthiness, no one else including your husband will find you worthy.

Below is a question for us to address with this lesson…

“What if you are trying everything to make your marriage happy again?

Going to a counselor is what we need.

But the other spouse doesn’t think you need it.

What do I do in that situation?

I am alone in this and trying to get him to see how I am feeling.

My husband isn’t supportive.”

Enjoy the video.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deal with an unsupportive husband?

The first step is to write down moments when he has being supportive in the past and express how much love those experiences.

If there are no changes, communicate your feelings to him without coming off like an attack.

Why does my husband show no emotion?

It depends on the context. You will need to specify your experience a little more precisely.

How do I deal with an unsupportive partner during pregnancy?

During pregnancy a lot of reality can seem exaggerated; your feelings may be an exaggerated version of your reality..

However, the best thing is to look positive experiences caused by him that you can highlight, appreciate and exaggerate.

It will expand and occupy your present negative feeling and most important encourage him to create for positive experience like being supportive.

5 Tricks to Fix Your Marriage ❤️

Want to know how to fix your marriage using 5 simple tricks that work 100% of the time?

You see people, including your spouse, are predictable.

That is to say you too can learn a few tricks to attract the love you deserve and desire.

I have to assume that you are experiencing a crisis in your marriage now and that must feel terrible to live in that kind of misery.

Your spouse has probably shut down and is using these moments to emotional abuse you and your marriage.

Use these 5 simple tricks to turn all that around and fix your marriage.

How to Fix Your Marriage Using 5 Simple Tricks

(1) Relax

Rejection breeds obsession.

So the feeling of rejection that you are experiencing at the moment will naturally give you the illusion that the world is about to end.

You and I know that it couldn’t be further from the truth.

So the first step is for you to take back the control of your emotion

And keep in mind and prepare that more triggers will show up temporarily to make you lose it.

Be determined to stay in control.

Here is good book to read as you do…

(2) Listen & Give

This is a marriage and you should always only go into relationships to give; not give and take.

The very act of complaining shows that you are in the taking mode and as you can see, it’s working against you.

Sure it’s not easy to “give” to a person who is not giving love back to you but I am not asking you to give love.

But you need to find opportunities to give.

So you have to listen effectively in order to determine what will be received when you give.

For example, if a spouse is shut down, they are asking for space and that’s an opportunity to “give” some space.

Here is another article: Marriage Separation Advice

In fact, I would argue that you also need that space to regain back your emotional control and escape potential emotional abuse.

Remember.. No one can abuse you emotionally unless you allow it.

Focusing on giving has a direct correlation with fixing your marriage successfully but it must accompany a generous level of patience.

How much you give has a lagging and not a leading indication in your marriage.

(3) Avoid Predictable Reactions

You are responsible for your actions and your reactions are your actions.

Essentially, you don’t get to say “he or she made me do it.”

You are an adult and…

Therefore you are responsible for your actions even when you are not willing to take responsibility.

But you are in a better position of control when you take responsibility without confusing it with guilt and/or self-blame.

When a spouse shuts down, it tends to create triggers for overreaction in many aspects.

So one of the tricks you can use to fix your marriage is to identify scenarios where you would normally overreact and simply do the opposite.

This trick is not a one size fits all.

If you are normally dormant in reacting, then you should gain courage and speak up using words.

But say what you want to say once and leave it there. Arguments will create an undesirable effect.

The idea of this trick is to not be predictable; being predictable kill attraction.

If you can successfully make your spouse wonder why you act the way you act, it will build attraction and with patience, you will fix the marriage.

(4) Detach from Feelings

You are probably feeling like your spouse is no longer in love with you right?

Well first of all, know that feelings are temporary in nature and tend to exaggerate the reality of what’s going on.

So start with how you feel… you are probably exaggerating naturally.

And if you are not exaggerating, your spouse has probably expressed that feeling in words. “I am not in love.”

The in-love is a feeling and it reflects hurt; that’s okay because that can be fixed.

In-love is not love… that’s just butterflies.

And you can probably figure why he or she feels that way at the moment; it’s temporary if you use trick #3… RELAX.

It is better to not get attached to how you feel and your spouses’ expression of how they feel.

Instead, focus on creating a new alternate experience and be patient because it will create a lagging indication and not a leading indication.

That means you will see moments that feel like your effort is not reflecting but that’s a feeling; focus on giving.

But don’t forget to give to yourself too.

(5) Avoid Approval Seeking Behaviors

Some are very quick to apologize but there is a problem with that.

There is blurry line between:

  • Apologies
  • Seeking Approval and
  • Manipulation

These, including apology itself, are not attractive behaviors and it is better in a marriage and relationships to focus on changed behavior.

Changed behavior is the best apology and it’s also attractive as it makes you less predictable in the eyes of your spouse.

You should only apologize once if you feel you should and only if your spouse specifically asks for it.

Think about it, if you have to apologize over and over, you are probably not going to get a different result that you desire with doing the same thing over and over.

In general, avoid approval seeking behavior as it indicates lack confidence and that’s very unattractive at subconscious levels.


You are not meeting your spouse for the first time so fixing your marriage will be a process.

But it’s worth it because of the level of personal growth that comes with giving over and over when it seems like you won’t receive.

It’s worth the process and your marriage will last that much longer.

Below is a question for us to address with this lesson…

“I need help.

I have a wife and she doesn’t talk to me near her mom and dad.

She says she is shy but sometimes she talks to me and sometimes she doesn’t.

Only sometimes she doesn’t talk to other guys but I don’t know if she loves me.

She says she does but I don’t believe it.”

Enjoy the video.


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Finally, you thought may be you should communicate more

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Your parents, siblings, on both sides of the family etc.

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It's time for you to build that real love experience (that you bargained for when you got married to your spouse)

...from a very intentional and deliberate stand point.

Marriage is not a partnership and it's takes more than common sense.

I'm sure you are a smart person because you found your way here.

But clearly, your smartness and common sense hasn't worked out well in your marriage.

The secrets we share with you in this book work both in the ancient and even better in the civilized age.

How can I fix my marriage by myself?

You can fix your marriage by yourself when you put the focus in fixing and working on yourself.

How do you rebuild your marriage?

You can rebuild your marriage by treating your spouse like you just met them; get to know the evolving person.

What are the signs of a failing marriage?

Toxic arguments and broken down communication gaps are probably the biggest signs of a failing marriage; especially when your spouse shuts down.

How do you fix your marriage without talking about it?

The arts and science of attraction is key to fixing your marriage; it requires minimum use of words and that’s not until you see signs of better vibes in your marriage.

How long do you try to fix your marriage?

There is no set rule outside for as long as you are attracted to your spouse; but also as long as they are still available.

Keep in mind that fixing your marriage if done right is almost synonymous to fixing yourself.