How to Deal with an Unsupportive Husband ❤️

What is an unsupportive husband?

If you have found yourself in a situation that makes you feel lack of support from your husband,

You may be wondering if you are now amongst the thousands of women dealing with an unsupportive husband.

Unsupportive Husband

So let’s dig in some 5 of the signs you should look out for.

In addition to that, we will talk about a few ways to attract the support you want from your husband.

Before we dive into the signs, it is important that you know that there is a difference between your feelings and reality.

Our feelings in general tend to exaggerate matters on ground.

Therefore making us attack the people we love and creating a back and forth mix of defensive and offensive behaviors.

You may be feeling unsupported and there may be a blurry line between that feeling and neediness.
Neediness will kill attraction in your marriage but it is quite possible that your husband is simply unsupportive.

So let’s get to the signs.

5 Signs of Unsupportive Husband

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SIGN #1 – He Treats You With Disdain

If you’ve found yourself in a marriage with a man who goes out of his way to make you feel unworthy, that’s a classic sign.

SIGN #2 – He Doesn’t Listen

It’s one thing to feel unheard but it’s another for your husband to shut you down every chance he gets to do that.

I don’t know which is worse but that is a sign that you are in a marriage with an unsupportive husband.

SIGN #3 – He Doesn’t Help

As a woman, not only does the society expect that you make sure all house chores are done, YOU probably have put that expectation on yourself.

If your husband doesn’t seem to put any effort into making sure you are not overwhelmed with this culture, he is not a supportive husband.

There are men that would be this way even when their wives are in illness or pregnant.

Unhappy Marriage But Can’t Leave Does he Love Me

SIGN #4 – He is Abusive

There are 3 main different types of abuse namely:

  1. Verbal Abuse
  2. Emotional Abuse
  3. Physical Abuse

All 3 can end up in the same place; worst of which is death.

So make sure you seek professional help if you feel like you are in an abusive marriage.

That’s definitely a sign of an unsupportive husband.

SIGN #5 – He is Numb to Your Feelings

As a human being, we have feelings and yes they can be an exaggeration of reality.

But that is the more reason why the man in a marriage must be aware of those feelings.

If you can’t even get him to listen and see how you are “feeling” specifically, you may be in a marriage with an unsupportive husband.

Maybe he takes everything as an attack, gets defensive and never takes responsibility for the feelings in the marriage…

These are the common signs and issues that wives deal with in a marriage to an unsupportive husband.

Complacency can cause these behaviors; we tend to take each other for granted at some point.

If it’s that simple, you still deserve what you desire in a husband.

The first step is to communicate your feelings in words.

Make sure you are not just being needy and you are in a position where you can support yourself emotionally and in other areas.

If that hasn’t worked, you need to make yourself less available in the relationship and that should increase your value in the relationship.

Remember if you do not have a strong sense of self worthiness, no one else including your husband will find you worthy.

Below is a question for us to address with this lesson…

“What if you are trying everything to make your marriage happy again?

Going to a counselor is what we need.

But the other spouse doesn’t think you need it.

What do I do in that situation?

I am alone in this and trying to get him to see how I am feeling.

My husband isn’t supportive.”

Enjoy the video.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you deal with an unsupportive husband?

The first step is to write down moments when he has being supportive in the past and express how much love those experiences.

If there are no changes, communicate your feelings to him without coming off like an attack.

Why does my husband show no emotion?

It depends on the context. You will need to specify your experience a little more precisely.

How do I deal with an unsupportive partner during pregnancy?

During pregnancy a lot of reality can seem exaggerated; your feelings may be an exaggerated version of your reality..

However, the best thing is to look positive experiences caused by him that you can highlight, appreciate and exaggerate.

It will expand and occupy your present negative feeling and most important encourage him to create for positive experience like being supportive.

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