Question: “5 Signs Your Wife DOESN’T RESPECT YOU”

First of all, let me give you a bonus sign with all the wraps.

Right from the beginning the bonus sign is that,

If you’re asking this question,

…that is a sign that your wife does not respect you.

At the very minimum, you don’t feel like they respect you.

I understand some of us are over defensive, and sometimes we’re very emotional.

We are sensitive and we start looking at everything that’s disrespectful.

There are many of us who are like that.

Let me give you five signs your wife doesn’t respect you.

She doesn’t respect you.

If your wife doesn’t respect you, she can’t love you.

That’s impossible.

It’s not possible for a person who doesn’t respect you to love you.

Does that make sense?

Let’s get into the five signs really quickly:

1. She utters rude remarks.

She says rude things to you.

What do I mean by rude remarks?

She calls you “stupid” or “you’re dumb” and things like that.

If your wife uses words like that to talk to you and it’s not your thing to just do that, then that’s probably disrespectful.

Some people would argue and say,

No, that’s just how we do. That’s how we roll.”.

If you’re so sure that is how you roll, then there’s no need to ask the question if she’s respectful or not.

I’m telling you typically, a woman who respect you will not call you dumb, stupid or names and derogatory words or anything like that.

If she utters rude remarks, it could not be name calling, it maybe simple things like “you don’t even think”.

Like if you are talking about finances and she’s very quick to go to “you don’t even think“.

Or she thinks you should be a little bit more aggressive with looking for another job and she has rude remarks with regards to,

You’re not doing what she thinks” and things like that.

If you consider rude remarks, there’s a good chance that she doesn’t respect you.

Especially if you’ve told her that you don’t enjoy that.

2. She gives you the silent treatment.


Whenever you’re having a conversation with your wife and then somehow she’s just quiet.

She is on the phone key keying every time you have a conversation, that is probably a good sign that she does not respect you.

Now there are moments like that, that a significant other or spouse may be caught up a little bit in some other conversation.

That’s okay.

But if you notice that it’s a consistent thing and that’s all wrapped up in every other sign that I’m gonna tell you right now,

…there’s a good chance that she doesn’t respect you.

3. She doesn’t sought after your advice and opinion.

Like she doesn’t even ask you, “what do you think?”.

You guys don’t have that conversation.

She’s never found that place where she could say, “what do you think”.

Now People don’t just fall into your world and become your wife like that.

Usually some things have happened over the years that put a woman in a place where she doesn’t care what you think.

Much less asking you what you think, but that’s a good sign right there.

And there’s a good chance that she doesn’t respect you if she never comes home from work and says, “what do you think?”.

Just think about that.

That’s just one sign and if she is just like that, then you would know.

You wouldn’t be asking the question if you respect you or not.

4. She seems to honor other people’s advice and opinion more.


Even though you give your opinion and advice sometimes she seems to like to listen to other people.

She listens to her mother, her sister, her brothers, siblings or her friends.

She would rather listen to them and she tends to operate off of what they tell her,

…their advice and opinions more than she does whatever you say.

And you noticed it.

If this is happening so much that you’re noticing it, there’s a good chance that she does not respect you.

And if she doesn’t respect you, she can’t love you.

That’s scientifically proven.

5. She doesn’t defend you when necessary.


Sometimes as people in relationships or in marriage you find yourself talking to your friend,

…and your friend has some rude remarks about your spouse.

Naturally, the other person, you’re supposed to defend your spouse.

Like “don’t talk to him like that” because they respect you.

They would defend you.

It may be sort of like “No, no, no. Leave my husband alone” or “No, no, no. Leave my wife alone and get out of my face”.

Things like that.

Little remarks like that show that they value you.

And if none of those things happen and it seems like they actually get on the side of the other people to attack you,

…and this is happening over and over and over again from time to time, it’s a good chance that she just doesn’t respect you.

Those are the 5 signs your wife doesn’t respect you.

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If she doesn’t respect you, she can’t love you.

What do you do if you find yourself in this predicament?

That you’ve determined, like three out of these five signs are happening in your marriage.

What do you do?

The first thing that you need to understand is that,

…her behavior is congruent with your behavior with regards to self respect.

If you don’t respect yourself, no one can respect you.

That’s probably something you need to work on if you want that to change.

You need to work on self respect.

There are things that you’re doing,

…I don’t know what those things are, but you need to pay attention and do the inventory.

There are things that you’re doing that shows that you don’t respect yourself, and she can’t respect you accordingly.

What do you do now?

Focus on those things.

Find out what you’re doing that is showcasing you as a person who would lack self respect and fix that.

I can tell you right now,

1. God.

You’re probably disconnected from yourself spiritually.

2. Personal purpose.

You’re not engaged with your personal purpose, you’re spending too much time on too much nonsense, little petty stuff.

Obviously one of them is having this kind of attention to even know that somebody does not respect you.

There’s a good chance that you’re defensive, you’re insecure and things like that will show up,

…and then a woman cannot respect you.

That’s usually a sign that you’re not engaged with your personal purpose because people that engage with their personal purpose,

…no matter how little it seems, people respect them.

They have no choice, they have to respect you.

3. Self respect.

You need to respect yourself.

Remove yourself from unnecessary conversations and let her come to you.

Allow her to come to you.

Think about how you guys started and see if you can bring the dynamics back by living some space.

You have to give yourself some space, give her some space so she can start gaining respect back.

Keep in mind that respect is earned, you can’t force people to respect you.

In this scenario, respect is not an action word,

…you cannot force people to respect you.

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