5 Signs Your wife is NOT Attracted to You ❤️

Do you feel like your wife is no longer attracted to you?

First of all, every marriage is different.

But there are some things that are universal when it comes to signs that a woman is not attracted to you.

Some things are very peculiar to your particular relationship with your wife. 

Well, let’s  assess together and see if she’s no longer attracted to you or it’s simply just your feelings.

Sometimes, how you feel can be far away from the reality of things.

signs my wife is not attracted to me

In this video newsletter,

I will share 5 different signs you should look out for

in order to determine the level of your wife’s attraction to you.

Keep in mind that attraction in any given moment in time is temporary.

So the last thing you want to do is overreact if you feel like your wife is not attracted to you;

at this very moment.

The key phrase there is “in this very moment”.

These signs are only valid if they never existed before but now your recent suspicions.

Sign #1 – One-Word Answers

If you get a one-word answer every time you ask your wife open-ended questions,

that’s a sign that she’s probably not attracted to you at this point in time.

That’s a sign that your wife is not interested in a conversation with you.

An open-ended question is a question that requires somewhat of an elaborate insight, and opinion.

Average human being loves to share their opinions under normal circumstances.

If your wife has gotten to a place where she’s no longer interested in sharing her thoughts

and opinions when you create opportunities for her to do so,

That could be a sign of low attraction.

If that suddenly starts happening from time to time, over and over, consistently over time,

…you should look into finding out the underlying reasons.

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Sign #2 – She is Disrespectful

When a woman is not attracted, her behavior may start coming off as disrespectful.

What is disrespectful?

To be honest with you, it depends on how you feel and the unique Dynamics in your relationship with your wife.

So if you feel like she’s being disrespectful, you would know because you know what it feels like when she’s not being disrespectful.

A woman that does not respect you cannot love you; at least they can’t be in love with you at this moment.

So with respect to how things normally are in your marriage to your wife, if you feel like she’s being disrespectful,

Then she clearly is not interested in the intimacy that you are used to in your marriage.

 A woman who is attracted to you will not be disrespectful to you.

Sign #3 – She Suddenly Started Avoiding Argument

Arguments are extremely toxic, they create slow but sure death for intimacy and attraction in a marriage.

By the way, a man who understands women does not argue with women and it’s really that simple.

It really doesn’t matter if we are talking about your wife or your mother.

A disagreement is not the same thing as an active argument.

With that being said, if your wife used to engage in argumentative conversations with you and she suddenly stops,

That could be a sign that she’s losing respect for you.

If she has to lead in any capacity consistently, over time, she will lose respect and attraction towards you.

In a little bit of a twisted way, the sudden stop is a sign that she is no longer interested in needing you to be on her side of an argument.

It’s not the argument that she’s avoiding, it’s a conversation with you that she’s avoiding, granted that the argument may have gotten to that toxic level.

While I do advise every couple to avoid argument, being dismissive is not the way to go about it.

Avoiding it should be more of a deliberate Act of building your relationship with your significant other and never about “being dismissive.”

But she is a woman who may have had to lead in avoiding arguments in your marriage; she cannot be attracted to you right now.

If things have gotten to that toxic level where one of the parties is now being dismissive, that could be a sign of loss of respect.

As I stated earlier, loss of respect is almost if not equivalent to loss of attraction.

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Sign #4 – She Stopped PDAs

PDA stands for Public Display Of Affection.

As always, this sign is only valid if you are used to a wife who used to be very interested in public display of affection such as:.

  • Cuddling
  • Hugging
  • Kissing
  • Holding hands and so on

If she suddenly stopped showing interest in these things that could be a sign of low attraction.

But like I said, if the Dynamics of your marriage were never like that, this may not be an indication of anything with respect to attraction.

I do think it’s weird when I see married couples who don’t flirt at all because most couples that are attracted to each other tend to do these things.

Sign #5 – She Never Initiates

In most marriages, there’s always one of the spouses who initiate sex most of the time because of unmatched sexual appetite.

However every now and then, the one who doesn’t will take it upon him or herself to switch things up and that’s usually an exciting spontaneity for the couple.

But if you’re in a situation where she never initiates at all, there’s a chance that she is not attracted to you; at least not sexually.


There may be other signs outside of the scope of this video newsletter, but it really doesn’t matter as the solution is the same across board.

If you’re feeling like your wife is not attracted to you in recent times, the solution I will recommend to you has everything to do with just you and you only.

Start paying attention to some self-love, self development and less attention to how your wife may be feeling.

Allow your wife to wonder about what you are up to.

If you take some time off wondering about how much attraction your wife feels towards you, that alone can make her start to feel attracted to you again.

But also, you will be literally building yourself to attract the type of love that you desire and deserve.

If you allow her room for her to wonder about what you’re up to, that’s literally almost if not the equivalence of building attraction back up in your relationship.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know when your wife isn’t attracted to you?

If your wife has suddenly started avoiding arguments, stopped PDA’s, started being disrespectful, giving you one word answers, and making you ask these questions, she is losing attraction to you.

Why isn’t my wife attracted to me anymore?

One sure way to get your wife to continue to lose attraction towards you is taking attention off self love and self confidence.
Ultimately, it depends on the particular story that led you down this path.

What does it mean when your wife doesn’t show affection?

It can mean a lot of things including loss of attraction but the first best way to find out is to ask her.
If you lack the confidence to ask her, that is a good reason for her to lose attraction towards you and stop showing affection.

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