“What Do You Do When Someone REJECTS Your APOLOGY?”📍 John Gray

Question: “What do you do when someone rejects your apology?”

Say for example you have a spouse that is just hard headed, you have to give them time.

That’s just what it is.

When you say “I’m sorry” and they are like “No, get out of my face. I don’t wanna see you right now”,

… You have to respectfully remove yourself out of their face.

What do you want, do you want to be punched in the face?

You can’t force down an apology.

Clearly you did something that made this person very mad so you gotta give them time.

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Also, you don’t get to measure how big the thing is like “But at least I didn’t cheat”.

No you can’t say that.

It doesn’t matter how little the thing is because it’s really up to how that person feels.

That person may feel like this is a big deal that you left your shoes in the corner of the house,

…that could be annoying to them.

So, What do you do when someone rejects your apology?

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If someone rejects your apology it clearly means you are not listening.

Your apology was rejected because that person may be asking for something else.

They probably just want a little bit of time.

Sometimes it’s the behavior that will show that they have not accepted the apology or that they haven’t forgiven you.

That means time.

For how long, I don’t know.

That will depend on the person and where they are coming from.

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