“Remorse vs Repentance”📍 John Gray

Question: “Remorse vs Repentance”

These are John Gray’s words,

…like we said earlier he is a very very wise guy, he has a lot of things he can teach people but clearly not at this part.

“Remorse or Repentance. I have learned that remorse simply means: I’m sad because you found out. Repentance is: I’m sorrowful and I will change.”– John Gray

Alright like we said, he is a wise guy…

He is wise with the words.

I agree with what he said but what I would remove from that is when he said “I’m sorrowful and I will change”.

I agree with that except the part where you have to say it.

Like he is saying, let me come and apologize.

Let me come and say to you that I’m sorrowful and I would change.

Why should I believe you?

This is not the first or the second.

They are not gonna believe you.

The person you are apologizing to will not believe you simply because if it was that simple, you will fix it.

And he also said that remorse is, “I’m sad because you found out”,

…like I’m not really sad it’s just that I’m sorry I got caught.

But Remorse is it that?

I didn’t really feel that way until he said it, I don’t necessarily agree with that.

I think that’s just him being overly wise with his words.

See, I’m gonna have to go to google for that cause to me I feel like remorse is genuine,

but now I’m finding that hard that remorse is not that necessarily genuine.

From what I understood, remorse and repentance go hand in hand.

Google says, Remorse is a deep regret or guilt for a wrong committed.

So what do you mean I’m sad, no it’s not remorse, maybe there is a different word for what he said which is “I’m sad that you found out”.

That’s an apology, how about that?

That’s why you give a premature apology and you are asking for forgiveness.

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When you apologize over and over again because you are only sad,

…because you got found out and you are trying to quick-fix it.

Can you imagine how disgusted the wife is?

That’s what happens when you over apologize.

She is disgusted, she would be like “get out of my face, you don’t mean what you are saying, you just want me to say I forgive you right now. And I don’t want you in my face”

Kenny says “Remorse is showing that you genuinely regretted it happened”.

That’s what I thought, that can lead to repentance.

So it’s not a bad thing to be remorseful,

What’s bad is this whole apology thing.

This apology one day after he got found out is a sign that you are just sad because people found out.

That’s more like it.

What happens when things happen to you?

You just go quiet in a corner and deal with your demons, but with social media these days,

…everybody is easy to talk to , easy to type this and that and that’s what is making it worse.

That’s why we made this video right here because a lot of people misconstrue remorse, repentance and apology.

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Changed behavior is what we need ultimately.

I think that’s what women really need, not the apology.

Look, you already embarrassed me and now the whole world knows that I am married to a guy that is disrespectful,

…because he is doing this the second time or I don’t know how many times he did it,

but you know, you’ve embarrassed me and now you are out here talking about how you would change and apologize.

I just wanna see you change already!

I wanna see it in action.

That’s what his wife is probably thinking.

I’m a woman too and I know what that feels like.

I’m just saying that you know like “oh because you got caught”, who knows how many you’ve done you know.

This one came out but we don’t know, it’s a tough one.

Kenny says “step aside for a while and think about what you have done and how you could have done better and what you will need to do to fix it”

That’s what I’m talking about.

Step aside.

I don’t care how the world is coming at you, don’t even pay attention to do that.

Why is it difficult for people to step aside?

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Because they are on freakin’ social media, blogs, reading comments…

And because it’s the obsession with fixing things.

It’s the obsession with fixing things.

That’s what’s more important to them than the right behavior in the first place.

And the only way to get into changed behavior is time.

You don’t have to prove that now.

Time heals.

I really believe in time, so just give it time.

This woman can’t be mad forever, I mean if you are truly changing you’ll be surprised she falls in love back with you all over again like that thing never happened.

When people even ask “oh so you are taking him back even though he disrespected you?”,

… she would tell them to mind their own business.

That’s why you have to learn how to give it time.

All this much talk and no actions, it doesn’t make any sense.

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