“How Do I Deal With An ANNOYING WIFE?”

Question: “How do I deal with an Annoying Wife?”

How do I respond to an annoying wife?

How do I react to an annoying wife?

That question is quite pregnant with lots of things going on in it and we need to make sure we understand that question.

Where it’s coming from before we can properly address it.

Why are you attracting an annoying wife is really the first question.

Your wife is a new person every day.

Meaning they evolve, they grow and there are things going on with them personally, it’s a complete, total, different human being.

So there are gonna be things going on that you as another human being will not necessarily understand.

Probably will not understand or will never understand.

That’s okay.

You need to be okay with that in order to be in a relationship with another person.

How much more a Wife.

So, how do I deal with an Annoying Wife?

First of all, know that that’s okay.

You’re feeling the way you’re feeling right now but the first thing you wanna do is make sure you separate a couple of things.

There are two ways to respond or react that I wanna basically highlight right now.

It’s not about right and wrong so I’m not going to spend a lot of time on the right way or the wrong way to react.

What you want to focus on is the most profitable way or the most rewarding way to react to a person that you love, coming off as annoying.

The keyword phrase there again is “coming off”.

Is she just annoying or she’s coming off as annoying?

Was that based on something that’s going on with you personally because you may be in the space also, that everything is kind of ticking you off irritating.

Especially from the person that’s closest to you, the person that you love the most or the person that gives you the most affection,

…or the person that shares the most space with you in life that’s probably your wife.

With that being said, is it annoying or is it not annoying?

Let me acknowledge that you do feel how you feel and it’s absolutely valid.


It is coming off as annoying, and that’s the fact.

Does that mean they are annoying?

Maybe not, maybe it’s about you, but that’s something you want to assess.

That’s something you want to make sure you are paying attention to.

Let me say it like this, there are 2 ways you want to look at it.

The first way is, first of all look at it as “What’s the best case scenario in this situation?”

What’s going on with you, with the dynamics of the relationship?

That’s a dynamic between your relationship, there’s something going on there, and you want to make sure you dig in deeper to that.

But the first way is, look at the best case scenario.

The second way is that you could react purely based on your feelings, and usually that doesn’t come off right,

Because your feelings are usually exaggerated forms of reality.

It’s never accurate, it’s based on so many different signals that could be coming into the dynamics of your relationship.

You wanna make sure that you’re paying attention to your feelings.

Understand that it’s absolutely valid but your reaction and how you respond, she probably shy away from that a lot.

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What does that require?

That’s gonna take a lot of work, patience and self control on your part because how you feel is how you feel, it’s annoying and naturally you want to overreact.

Why do we say overreact?

Maybe that’s not even an overreaction, maybe that’s offensive to you when I say overreaction,

…because the behavior of your wife right now feels like it warrants you reacting the way you feel like you need to react,

But the keyword over there again is “feelings” and feelings are never accurate.

There’s too many signals that come into what makes up your feelings, it could be how you are feeling today,

…Could be what’s going on or it could be the past week,

…Could be your finances, the personal finances.

Do you feel emasculated, or do you just feel like you’re not reaching your goals right now?

Why is it that you’re missing something there on how you could respond even in the midst of the worst chaos.

Even in the midst of the worst crisis ever, how would you remain a king in that situation?

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So the best way to always react and respond when you feel (keyword:feeling),

…that your wife has been annoying, is to look at the best case scenario.

What’s the best case scenario?

She didn’t realize she’s annoying you and she really doesn’t mean to hurt you,

…She loves you, but yet maybe she’s going through something.

This is something you need to assess.

Take the time to assess why she’s feeling the way she feels or feeling like she has to be annoying to you or coming off as annoying to you.

Whatever that is, that’s the best case scenario and you need to do that work.

Figure that out, take the time to figure it out and by default patience and time is applied to whatever is going on and,

…with that kind of work put into your relationship, you will have the best relationships.

The best of relationships essentially, that most people will envy and will only dream about.

When I say a relationship,I mean marriage as well.

It’s the same thing, take the time to assess what’s going on.

How do I deal with an Annoying Wife?

Look at the best case scenario and see how you may have been attracting a wife who is coming off as annoying.

That’s where you need to put your work.

Don’t put your work into trying to change her, because again you are part of the reasons why.

You’ve created the dynamics in your relationship.

You are at least 50% of that. 

That’s where you need to put the focus on.

How could you apply some things to make things better, to attract the right type of wife?

That’s your responsibility and when I say responsibility, it has nothing to do with fault or guilt or none of that.

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I’ll see you on the next one and peace.

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