“Wife Makes NO EFFORT In BED”

Question: “Wife Makes NO EFFORT In BED”

This is a very common issue.

There’s a lot that we need to know, in order to know how to help you if you’re experiencing this problem.

But let me point out a few things that you probably should pay attention to.

A wife not making any efforts in bed is a sign of many things.

It could be a sign of many things.

The last thing that should be in your mind, by the way is,

…is she not interested in you sexually anymore?

That’s the last thing, Is it a possibility?

Yes, it’s a possibility, but it should be the last thing on your mind because keep in mind that,

…before a woman can get into the headspace where they’re making efforts in bed, there’s a lot that has to have happened.

Now, for a man, there are a lot of studies that show that man actively,

…like even if we’re going through the worst things in life, let’s say we lost our job.

Financially we’re not feeling good, we’re not feeling adequate, we’re not feeling fulfilled.

There are many studies that show that, one way we can get over that is to just have sex and we’ll be fine.

But a typical woman doesn’t operate that way.

If things are wrong or things that off in the other aspect of their life,

…they’re not gonna wanna be a part off some kind of sexual activity with you, even regular sex.

How much more asking them to make efforts.

So , wife makes no effort in bed,

that means you’re having sex but she’s not doing anything.

She’s just lying down there and you do your thing and you keep it moving.

I understand you.

If you like me, I like my wife to participate.

I like the idea when my wife is also initiating, participating and also being involved in doing some things but I also enjoyed giving.

Usually a lot of people would try to find a sweet balance or equal balance between two spouses, two partners like now you should be doing equal.

But in real life, it doesn’t work like that.

Life is not perfect, it’s not symmetrical.

It can feel symmetrical if you guys are having fun but it’s not symmetrical.

Meaning it’s not, like equal-equal like that.

The way it works is that, you bring what you have and I bring what I have,

…and then we’re having a good time.

That’s how you started dating, that’s how you fell in love and that’s how you are attracted to each other.

But things have changed, maybe you’re having kids, maybe life has happened, maybe you lost your job or maybe she lost a parent.

Maybe there are things going on personally with her mentally speaking.

The first step you wanna do is make sure you’re doing proper listening.

You need to understand what are the underlying reasons why your wife makes no effort in bed.


Now, if she’s not having sex at all, then you will be worried about all that.

If she’s just not making any effort, there’s a good chance that the excitement is dissipating.

She lost the excitement, the butterflies that she used to have,

…the excitement, the fact that she used to look forward to that, she has lost all of that.

So, I’m gonna give you a couple of tips to see if you can revive things,

But just keep in mind that whatever you already do right now,

…I’m recommending, make sure it’s the opposite of it because the idea is you wanna bring in some excitement.

And anything that’s old will become boring.

Anything that’s readily available becomes boring.

It’s not just women and men, it’s not just husband and wife is anything in life.

It’s demand and supply.

See how you can do some inventory in your dynamics and your activities during the course of the day.

You may have been just very predictable.

If you’re very predictable, there is a good chance that you’re boring.

Maybe not particularly you, that’s why you don’t want to take it personally but the dynamic of your particular relationship is now boring to her.

You haven’t got that far yet because rejection breeds obsession, you are being rejected right now, so you can’t see that,

…but the relationship itself is probably boring right now.

She caught that signal first before you so now, before you could catch it, you’re feeling rejected and now you’re obsessed.

When I say all of that again, don’t over think that.

Just think of it as some kind of scientific experiment in front of you but you need to bring in some excitement into your relationship.

If you don’t have that, you know she’s not gonna make any extra effort in bed.

You’re lucky if she is still sleeping and just allowing you to do your thing right because that means you can switch things around.

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You could literally say, “hey, let me avoid her tonight. Let me leave her alone”.

Not necessarily avoid but give her some space so she can miss you and invite you back into the situation.

How long should you wait?

Again, that time that you’re taking off is not just to be waiting, that’s not the idea.

The idea is to find other things you could do to spice things up.

You could buy some other things.

There are things you can learn that can excite her.

You could start with a conversation saying,

what excites you? I was just wondering. I’m curious what excites you. What is exciting to you right now in your life? I know I’m here. Just pretend I’m not here. What is exciting to you, that you would find exciting right now”.

Maybe you’ve never asked that question before, maybe it’s the first time you’re asking that question.

That kind of conversation can stimulate her and all you have to do is listen.

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If you listen to a woman, if a woman feels heard,

…you’ll be able to penetrate every aspect and every part of her life, her body, her soul and her mind.

Does that make sense?

So let me give you the tip again one more time.


There are things that are not exciting right now,

…but you can bring in some excitement by simply asking a provoking question and say,

Hey, what is exciting right now for you?” or “What would you find exciting right now?”.

That’s like two questions and one already, “What is exciting for you right now?

And she will be like, “Why do you wanna know?”.

Then you’ll say, “I’m just curious”.

You’ll have a little spark of your face and you’re not asking for sex, you’re not asking for any of those things you’re just having the conversation.

If you do that long enough and she feels heard, you will be able to penetrate her and then she will participate more.

Also, if you wanna introduce anything else into your sexual relationship, then she will have even more opening and listening ears to hear what you have to say without being defensive.

But, you’ll be able to catch the game.

So it’s about having a game of being able to listen.

That’s what it comes down to.


Question: “5 Signs Your Wife DOESN’T RESPECT YOU”

First of all, let me give you a bonus sign with all the wraps.

Right from the beginning the bonus sign is that,

If you’re asking this question,

…that is a sign that your wife does not respect you.

At the very minimum, you don’t feel like they respect you.

I understand some of us are over defensive, and sometimes we’re very emotional.

We are sensitive and we start looking at everything that’s disrespectful.

There are many of us who are like that.

Let me give you five signs your wife doesn’t respect you.

She doesn’t respect you.

If your wife doesn’t respect you, she can’t love you.

That’s impossible.

It’s not possible for a person who doesn’t respect you to love you.

Does that make sense?

Let’s get into the five signs really quickly:

1. She utters rude remarks.

She says rude things to you.

What do I mean by rude remarks?

She calls you “stupid” or “you’re dumb” and things like that.

If your wife uses words like that to talk to you and it’s not your thing to just do that, then that’s probably disrespectful.

Some people would argue and say,

No, that’s just how we do. That’s how we roll.”.

If you’re so sure that is how you roll, then there’s no need to ask the question if she’s respectful or not.

I’m telling you typically, a woman who respect you will not call you dumb, stupid or names and derogatory words or anything like that.

If she utters rude remarks, it could not be name calling, it maybe simple things like “you don’t even think”.

Like if you are talking about finances and she’s very quick to go to “you don’t even think“.

Or she thinks you should be a little bit more aggressive with looking for another job and she has rude remarks with regards to,

You’re not doing what she thinks” and things like that.

If you consider rude remarks, there’s a good chance that she doesn’t respect you.

Especially if you’ve told her that you don’t enjoy that.

2. She gives you the silent treatment.


Whenever you’re having a conversation with your wife and then somehow she’s just quiet.

She is on the phone key keying every time you have a conversation, that is probably a good sign that she does not respect you.

Now there are moments like that, that a significant other or spouse may be caught up a little bit in some other conversation.

That’s okay.

But if you notice that it’s a consistent thing and that’s all wrapped up in every other sign that I’m gonna tell you right now,

…there’s a good chance that she doesn’t respect you.

3. She doesn’t sought after your advice and opinion.

Like she doesn’t even ask you, “what do you think?”.

You guys don’t have that conversation.

She’s never found that place where she could say, “what do you think”.

Now People don’t just fall into your world and become your wife like that.

Usually some things have happened over the years that put a woman in a place where she doesn’t care what you think.

Much less asking you what you think, but that’s a good sign right there.

And there’s a good chance that she doesn’t respect you if she never comes home from work and says, “what do you think?”.

Just think about that.

That’s just one sign and if she is just like that, then you would know.

You wouldn’t be asking the question if you respect you or not.

4. She seems to honor other people’s advice and opinion more.


Even though you give your opinion and advice sometimes she seems to like to listen to other people.

She listens to her mother, her sister, her brothers, siblings or her friends.

She would rather listen to them and she tends to operate off of what they tell her,

…their advice and opinions more than she does whatever you say.

And you noticed it.

If this is happening so much that you’re noticing it, there’s a good chance that she does not respect you.

And if she doesn’t respect you, she can’t love you.

That’s scientifically proven.

5. She doesn’t defend you when necessary.


Sometimes as people in relationships or in marriage you find yourself talking to your friend,

…and your friend has some rude remarks about your spouse.

Naturally, the other person, you’re supposed to defend your spouse.

Like “don’t talk to him like that” because they respect you.

They would defend you.

It may be sort of like “No, no, no. Leave my husband alone” or “No, no, no. Leave my wife alone and get out of my face”.

Things like that.

Little remarks like that show that they value you.

And if none of those things happen and it seems like they actually get on the side of the other people to attack you,

…and this is happening over and over and over again from time to time, it’s a good chance that she just doesn’t respect you.

Those are the 5 signs your wife doesn’t respect you.

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If she doesn’t respect you, she can’t love you.

What do you do if you find yourself in this predicament?

That you’ve determined, like three out of these five signs are happening in your marriage.

What do you do?

The first thing that you need to understand is that,

…her behavior is congruent with your behavior with regards to self respect.

If you don’t respect yourself, no one can respect you.

That’s probably something you need to work on if you want that to change.

You need to work on self respect.

There are things that you’re doing,

…I don’t know what those things are, but you need to pay attention and do the inventory.

There are things that you’re doing that shows that you don’t respect yourself, and she can’t respect you accordingly.

What do you do now?

Focus on those things.

Find out what you’re doing that is showcasing you as a person who would lack self respect and fix that.

I can tell you right now,

1. God.

You’re probably disconnected from yourself spiritually.

2. Personal purpose.

You’re not engaged with your personal purpose, you’re spending too much time on too much nonsense, little petty stuff.

Obviously one of them is having this kind of attention to even know that somebody does not respect you.

There’s a good chance that you’re defensive, you’re insecure and things like that will show up,

…and then a woman cannot respect you.

That’s usually a sign that you’re not engaged with your personal purpose because people that engage with their personal purpose,

…no matter how little it seems, people respect them.

They have no choice, they have to respect you.

3. Self respect.

You need to respect yourself.

Remove yourself from unnecessary conversations and let her come to you.

Allow her to come to you.

Think about how you guys started and see if you can bring the dynamics back by living some space.

You have to give yourself some space, give her some space so she can start gaining respect back.

Keep in mind that respect is earned, you can’t force people to respect you.

In this scenario, respect is not an action word,

…you cannot force people to respect you.

5 Signs of wife LOSING INTEREST In Husband

Question: “5 Signs of wife LOSING INTEREST In Husband”

There are five signs that I want to share with you in this video however, there may be other signs.

There may be other things you’re seeing, but these are the most common five signs.

I want to share that with you.

Just understand that these signs are not necessarily gospel truth.

These things may be showing in your wife, and there may be other reasons why these things are happening,

…but it’s also a good chance that the wife is losing interest.

So here are the, 5 Signs of wife LOSING INTEREST In Husband

They avoid conversations.

Your wife is avoiding conversations with you and they’re giving you one word answers.

They are basically acting like they’re not interested in anything you have to say.

That’s a good sign that they’re losing interest.

If anything at all, you know that at least in this moment in time, they don’t have any interest.

But also, if you do that long enough, that can translate into a long term.

They’re not interested in a relationship with you and they’re falling off and you should absolutely do something about that.

They complain about PDA.

What is PDA?

It stands for Public Display of Affection.

Sometimes you don’t necessarily complain expressly in words, sometimes they say outright and say

“Why are you touching me. Don’t touch me. Leave me alone”.

Things like that is a sign obviously, that the wife is losing interest in the husband.

Just keep in mind that these things are symptoms.

There are underlying issues and if you focus on the symptoms too much or you take it to heart too much,

…you’re probably gonna do the wrong things and you’re gonna push your wife even farther away from you,

And you help them lose even more interest.

But it’s good to have the signs but these are symptoms, but you need to find out what the underlying issues are, and you need to fix them.

They roll their eyes consistently.


So your wife, anytime you’re talking to them, you have a conversation,

They tend to roll their eyes when you’re having serious conversations with them.

They may say things like, “Oh, there he goes again” things like that and they start rolling eyes and stuff like that when they’re talking to you.

That is a sign that your wife is losing interest in you and that is a symptom of underlying negative things that are happening in your relationship,

…that you should absolutely try to fix.

She makes it clear that she’s no longer interested.

If she says these words, you need to believe her because if you don’t believe her, you’re gonna make things worse.

You may say “maybe she’s joking around”.

This is one of the problems that men have.

A lot of times we don’t see this kind of thing coming because we kind of figure, you’re committed,

…you went to the altar and you’re in this together for the long run and you’re hoping that she’s also in it for the long run.

But again, women operate off of their feelings and their emotions,

…and if it’s not right, they will bail on you.

That’s just the way it is.

So if she’s made it clear that she’s lost interest, don’t take that for granted.

Take it seriously.

Have a conversation and say “what is going on babe? Talk to me”.

When you do say that, make sure that you’re not being defensive.

Make sure you’re not approaching that institution with defensiveness because that’s only gonna make things worse.

That’s not gonna help you.

She gives excuses every time.

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Seemingly every time.

It feels like it’s every time that she gives excuses to avoid sex.

If she’s avoiding intimacy and sexual activities with you, that’s clearly a sign that she’s losing interest.

Now, her losing interest, let me round off with this, Okay?

If she’s losing interest, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to be with you.

It just means right now.

If you don’t pay attention to it, it can become forever but it ultimately most of the time means right now.

These are the signs that something is wrong with your relationship, and you should, in fact, do something about it.

So for a quick recap,

5 Signs of wife LOSING INTEREST In Husband

  1. They avoid conversations.
  2. They complain about PDA.

Public Display of Affection, they’re not interested in any kind of make-good, look-good in public anything with you.

  1. Rolls her eyes consistently.
  2. She makes it clear she lost interest.

She’s actually said it in words, don’t take that for granted.

  1. She gives excuses.

She gives all types of excuses, she has an excuse why.

She’s tired, she doesn’t want to, she doesn’t initiate.

Maybe she’s not an initiator, but she’s not interested all the time even when you initiate,

…then you should pay attention to that.

Just keep in mind that if you don’t have enough self love, you’re not gonna attract her back to yourself.

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If you don’t have a personal purpose that is bigger than yourself and her,

…chances are she’s gonna lose interest in you because you’re probably busy chasing her around and you’re making things worse.

So you should have those things in place.

And last but not least, you should have some self love.

You should pay attention to what made you attract her in the first place and pay attention.

Put those things back in place.

It could be you lost your job.

You’ve been defensive in recent times, you don’t give her any pass, you’re very abusive with your words, Verbal.

You know, things like that will turn a woman off, and obviously she will lose interest in any kind of intimacy with you.

“My Wife Is NOT ATTRACTED To Me Anymore”

Question: “My Wife Is NOT ATTRACTED To Me Anymore”

If you are experiencing a situation where you feel like your wife is not attracted to you anymore,

…I know that feeling and it’s usually not your fault.

For me, it wasn’t my fault so there’s a good chance it’s not your fault.

So relax and let’s study together.

What will bring your wife to a place where she’s acting like she’s not attracted to you anymore?

What does that mean exactly?

Can we spell this out?

Does that mean your wife doesn’t wanna have sex with you anymore?

She doesn’t like the idea of touching in public or even privately, she’s not affectionate right now, she’s not feeling it.

Well, there are many reasons why that could happen.

Like if your wife just had a baby, there is a good chance that there’s a lot of things going on with her body, from a hormonal standpoint.

So you wanna be aware, you want to study or you wanna learn these things,

…but let’s just assume that it’s not because she just had a baby, let’s just assume that suddenly something like that just happened.

Some people will go to the angle of, is she seeing somebody else?

Is there somebody at the job?

What could it be?

First of all, the good news is that it doesn’t have to be someone else that she’s seeing,

…it could be, but it doesn’t have to be.

But even if it’s someone else, the worst thing you wanna worry about, is that person.

In your mind, you should look at that person as a loser because if a woman does not have enough integrity to hold on to the commitment she has with you,

…just because she is filled in, then whoever attracts her, he’s probably a loser so don’t worry about that too much.

However, let’s worry about your relationship with your wife.

There is something missing and usually it’s not because you’re lacking.

It’s the relationship itself, it’s not any of the individuals.

See when we have a relationship, we start with excitement, with it’s very highs, higher highs and higher lows,

…but unfortunately in life we get complacent and everyone relaxes.

We get to know each other and then naturally we start to take each other for granted.


Whoever gets to that turning point first, will basically reject the other person and the other person will feel that rejection,

…and that breeds obsession,

But honestly it’s not just you, it’s on both ends.

Whoever rejects first will create obsession on the other end and it’s not necessarily your fault.

It’s just something that happens to the best of us in life, especially in the longer term relationship like marriage.

So what are the things that you need to do?

First of all, it’s okay to accept it like ”yes she is not attracted right now”, because attraction is temporary in nature.

If you do some things in a long term or long enough, then it feels like that is a marriage relationship goal, it feels like you’re always attracted to each other.

Yes, because you’ve stored long enough in your love tank.

However, if you haven’t figured this out yet and you are still experiencing this situation where you feel like your wife is not attracted to you,

…then there’s one,two or three things that you should learn.

The first thing you should learn is that your wife will only be attracted to you if you are attracted to yourself.

There is a thing about confidence that attracts anyone in life.

Even men or women, when you have confidence and everyone can feel it and you’re basically beaming confidence out of your body, everyone is attracted to that.

So if you’re showing off with insecurities, if you’re defensive in your conversation, if you’re engaging in unnecessary arguments,

…toxic arguments with your wife, it’s only a matter of time before they start to lose respect for you.

And if she doesn’t respect you, she can’t love you.

If you build enough of those things over time, yes she’s not gonna be attracted to you.

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For whatever reason, she’s not attracted right now or at least you don’t feel like she’s attracted to you right now anymore.

There are clearly things that you’re seeing, maybe she doesn’t want to have sex, maybe she doesn’t want to be touched

…like I said earlier, she doesn’t want a public display of affection.

Things like that are signs that she’s not attracted, so let’s just assume she’s not.

The ball is in your court because you have history with this woman, that’s a good thing.

But you gotta give her space.

Essentially, what she’s asking for is space.

You know what they say about distance, “it makes the heart fonder” so if you’re just there trying to smother her, you don’t give her that space to miss you,

…that is the evidence or a good reason why she’s losing attraction for you.

You’re being predictable, she doesn’t have the opportunity to wonder what you’re up to.

Everything is predictable.

That my friend is called BORING and that is why she’s probably not attracted to you.

Now you gotta give her space, but giving people space is easier said than done when you’re not engaged fully 100% with your personal purpose in life,

…which must be bigger than yourself and your wife.

And all put together, it has to be bigger than that.

If you’re not connected to yourself spiritually, if you’re not self sustainable from an emotional standpoint, if you don’t have peace of mind by yourself, with or without your wife,

…she’s not going to be attracted to you because she can smell it because you lack confidence.

So it goes back to the third core pillar, which is the SELF.

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Your self sustainability, self sufficiency and self development, you need to work on that.

Those things will give you the opportunity and give you the strength to be able to pull away from her.

Without missing or skipping the beat in your heart but that will allow her to be attracted back to you because remember, you have a history with her.

So if you have the confidence that you have a history with her, then you’ll be able to allow her the time to come back to you.

In that time period, it’s okay, this is your wife.

For you to find out what she is up to?

No, not what she is up to, you don’t really care about what she’s up to but,

…what is up with her?

More like it.

Like if she has other things that she’s worried about, you can ask her provoking questions like,

“What’s going on? Do you have anything you want to share with me, baby? I am just wondering if all is well. We haven’t spoken in a while”.

And then if she completely just turned off and doesn’t wanna have the conversation, again give her space and say “Okay, no problem. I gotta go to bed”.

Don’t act salty.

Don’t act butt hurt.

If you’re acting butt hurt around your wife, that’s another reason why she will lose interest and will be less attracted to you.

Just keep that at the back of your mind as you’re navigating these things.

Let me share with you four things that you probably should worry about it.

Connect with yourself spiritually, self development and things like that.

Connect with your personal purpose, things that you may have wanted to do, your dreams that you’ve lost sight of,

…focus and get back on that because that will soak you up because you’re passionate about those things.

And you’ll find it a lot easier to give her space because the key thing is, you’ve got to give her space so she can miss you again.

That’s something that you should focus on.

The last one is yourself.

Your self sustainability, self respect and self love.

If you don’t love yourself, if you’re not beaming out confidence, she’s not gonna be attracted to you.

That’s something you should keep in mind.

“My Wife DOESN’T Say I LOVE YOU Back”

Question: “My Wife DOESN’T Say I LOVE YOU Back”

If your wife doesn’t say she loves you back there are a couple of things that are happening there.

But first of all, let’s go back to the beginning.

Let’s go back to the root when you guys got together for the first time.

When you started dating did she used to say, “I love you”?

If she used to say I love you and something just happened and then she stopped,

…then we need to address those things that happened.

If you can recall something has happened, I don’t believe you.

You need to dig a little deeper.

Something happened and then she stopped.

First of all, if she used to say I love you but somehow she doesn’t say I love you anymore back to you,

…we need to sort out the issues that happened.

Whatever makes a woman get to a space where she doesn’t feel like saying I love you back,

…it must be really bad.

It takes a lot for a woman to get into that space where she doesn’t say I love you back.

Basically, what’s going on is that she doesn’t feel safe.

She doesn’t feel safe professing the love like that to you any much longer.

So here’s the thing, if she never said that, and then suddenly you just wanna experience a woman saying that back to you,

I would say you have a big thing in front of you that you need to do.

First of all, you need to express that and say, “Hey, how come you never say I love you back?”.

You need to know the answer to that question.

So that’s first of all, communication.

That’s straight up just communication 101 and find out why she doesn’t say that.

She may say “that’s just not what we’re doing in our family”,

…and then you expressed like “I would appreciate that, you know from my family, that’s a big part of our culture. Just say that back to me babe, what’s the big deal” right?

Don’t be too serious, say it in front and love because remember the person that doesn’t say I love you, either they said it before or they’ve never said it before,

…they just don’t feel safe professing that kind of grand gesture to you.

The worst thing you wanna do is to make them feel even worse or make them feel more unsafe.

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You’ve got to make them feel safer, Right?

So it’s a simple conversation in love, in fun, don’t worry too much about it, just express it and say, “Hey babe, you never say I love you back to me” and just shut up.

Just wait and see what they say.

Now if you know some things have gone down, you did some things or she said you did some things and she doesn’t feel safe any longer.

Some kind of crisis happened in your marriage.

She doesn’t say I love you back to you, then the real issues to fix that issue, whatever happened.

And that’s going to take time because it takes time to break down and, by the way, take shorter time to destroy.

It’s gonna take you a little bit longer to build back up.

So focus on the things you need to build because when someone says “I love you” to you, it’s a symptom of how they feel inside.

It’s not the main thing, it’s just how they feel because of everything else that’s right.

If things are wrong, don’t try to force a person to say I love you back, not especially if you’re going to be being defensive or say it in a way that you’re insecure or anything like that.

You want to make sure that you actually never ask a woman to say I love you back to you because if you have to ask them,

…to say I love you back to you, there’s a good chance that they just don’t love you, and it’s just gonna get worse.

It’s gonna turn them off even much more.

So what I will say is that focus on doing things that a woman will receive from you and make them feel like “I love you”.

Focus on finding out what those things are for your wife and focus on that and be stubborn about it.


Now, it’s easier said than done but it gets easier if you’re spiritually strong, if you’re mentally strong,

…If you are engaged with your personal purpose in life and then also if you are actively in self development.

So self sustainability of mentally, self health, self help, self love.

If you have those things, confidence will naturally show out and that’s attractive and those are the things that make a woman say “I love you”.

Now ultimately, if she doesn’t feel safe because of things you’ve done, she will feel safe again but not if you keep reminding her that she doesn’t say I love you back to you.

You need to focus on the things you need to do and be patient, because patience, by itself is very attractive.

When a woman knows that you give them patience, like you’re not overreacting because “I love you”.

If he doesn’t feel like saying I love you right now, that’s just right now.

Maybe tomorrow, that’s just right now still.

Only now is all that exists, don’t worry about everything else.

If she’s doing everything else, it is only a matter of time, just do your part and be a husband and say “I love you”.

Then if she doesn’t say “I love you”, don’t get attached to the outcome because the outcome will come when you earn it.

So again, if somebody’s saying I love you back to you, it’s somebody who feels safe,

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…if they don’t feel safe for whatever reason, they’re not going to say right now and you get to decide as a human being if that’s a deal breaker for you.

Being decisive as a human being, that’s also attractive so you may say that’s a deal breaker, “if you can’t say I love you back to me, what are we doing” that’s attractive.

If you are decisive don’t just say that I sit out there in the relationship.

But if you know that this is the person you love and you want to give them that kind of patience, then that’s a decision.

Stick with that decision and focus on yourself.

Focus on your personal purpose, focus on yourself and make sure you have a strong spiritual background,

…because you’re gonna need that in the form of patience.

That’s what I have for you on this episode.

The key thing is, don’t worry too much about it.

Focus on building the relationship and everything else shall come to you.