Question: “3 Signs My SEPARATED WIFE Wants to RECONCILE”

Today I want to share with you the “3 Signs My separated wife wants to reconcile”.

So there are three signs that I want to share with you,

…there are probably a couple more signs than three, but these three are the most important as far as I can see.

You didn’t just get here overnight like your separation did not just happen overnight, right?

Things started to happen probably over years, for the most part it’s over a year.

Bottom line is that over a period of time, there was a breakdown in your relationship or in your marriage and it led to a separation.

It’s not a matter of right and wrong as usual, it’s not a matter if who is more right who is more wrong.

It’s about who wants the marriage back and who wants to get back together.

Whoever is the one who wants the marriage back is the one that needs to seemingly do most of the work,

I used the word seemingly very carefully because a lot of time people may be quiet.

They may seem like they shut down and they don’t want the marriage back,

…but they are in fact doing most of the emotional work involved in potentially getting the marriage back.

It’s painful for anyone to want to end a marriage, even if they’re the one initiating in ending the marriage.

It’s a painful thing to go through for both the person who shuts down and the person who got shut down on.

With that being said, let’s get into the 3 Signs:

1. She is friendly.

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So if she’s being friendly, it’s not a 100% green light but it’s somewhat a yellow light.

You know there are certain countries, just in case you don’t know,

There are certain countries in the world that the yellow light comes on first before the green light comes on.

Here in the United States, it’s not like that.

It goes from red to green and then you can take off, but there’s some certain part of the world where it goes to yellow first.

Just like saying “Get ready you’re about to take off” right?

You don’t want to look up for some kind of yellow light and that’s usually when she’s being friendly.

It’s not a guarantee that she’s ready to get back together, but at that point in time, you also can let down your guard.

See, you may think you’re the one that wants the marriage back and you’re the one doing most of the work.

Like I said earlier, that’s not necessarily true.

That would only be true if there is no emotion involved in the situation.

Some people, the way they shut down is by literally expressing to you that they want out,

…some people are by begging that they want to keep the marriage.

You can in fact be saying “I want to keep the marriage”, but in fact you have exited and that’s what caused the breakdown of the marriage (topic for another day).

Again, if she’s being friendly, that could be a sign that she’s ready to reconcile,

…that doesn’t mean you should run towards her and start going crazy.

You’ll find out why I say that in sign number 3.

2. She Spends Time Around You.

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Typically, when somebody is not open to the idea of reconciling, they don’t want to spend time with you.

As a matter of fact, you’ll notice that even if they have to drop off babies, they want to drop off the babies and just keep it moving.

If they have to end up in a situation in the room with you, with other friends, they tend to avoid that,

… because they’re going through the emotional turmoils of the breakdown of the relationship.

They feel hurt, the keyword is Feeling Hurt.

So you don’t want to dwell on the fact that they are hurt or maybe you’re the one that hurt them.

You don’t wanna be too particular about that.

If they feel hurt, validate that and it’s okay, it doesn’t mean you hurt them but they feel hurt.

So that’s typically what happens when a person is exiting a relationship or they’re not in a position to reconcile.

They don’t want to spend time with you.

But with time, if you give them time, they tend to look into the past with a rose gold color lens.

They’ll look at the good things if you stay out of their face, if you give them that time.

So if you’ve given them that time and they start to spend some time with you.

Subconsciously they start to forget the bad experiences that made them decide that they wanted to exist in the first place and they start to spend time with you…

That could be a good sign that they want to reconcile.

3. You Have Worked on Yourself.

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See, it doesn’t matter if you feel like you’re not the one at fault.

It doesn’t matter if you feel like you’re the one that’s been lifting or carrying the marriage or relationship for a long time.

Something happened and usually it’s something about yourself about how you handle yourself emotionally.

We don’t know what that is unless I talk to you personally but something happened for sure 100% that was also part of the reason why the marriage or the relationship broke down.

Whatever that thing that happened, whatever that thing is, you need to figure it out

…and you need to work on yourself first, before you try to reconcile with your wife.

If you don’t, the next breakdown is gonna be worse and it could be a lot more damaging.

One of the things here is that you need to understand that time and patients are part of the formula to reconciling and bringing your marriage back to where you want it to be.

Into bliss and to happiness right.

So don’t shut yourself, don’t shortchange yourself when it comes to the time that’s required to do that,

…work on yourself.

If you’ve made sure that you’ve worked on yourself, you will also find out that sign #1 and #2 probably already started to play out.

Meaning they are being friendly (#1) and then they start to spend time around you (#2).

They could blame it on the children for any other reasons, it’s because of friends,

…but they are okay with the idea of spending time around you.

It’s usually a sign that you’ve worked on yourself, which is sign #3.

Those are the three signs that it may be time that your separated wife wants to reconcile with you.

Just make sure those three things are in place and then you can potentially look for signs to come in and ask for a date or to have a conversation,

But if you don’t see those signs, if you haven’t worked on yourself especially #3, don’t bother.

It’s not worth it to be in a toxic relationship or marriage, it’s just never worth it.

You wanna be in a relationship where people respect each other, where people are absolutely happy.

Giving each other freedom to be in that relationship, it needs to feel like freedom, period.

That’s all I have for you right now.

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That’s all I for you on this episode, we’ll see on the next one.


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