How To Save Your Marriage By Yourself – 2nd of 7 Keys

For the 1st 6 months, I searched everywhere to find out how to save my marriage by myself…

how to save my marriage by myself

Because she was complete shut down before I realized the marriage was over….

Then I discover what I am about to share with you…This secret.. The 2nd key…. saved the marriage when all hope was lost.

Question from an example of a husband who shut down leaving the wife to have to save the marriage by herself…

QUESTION ⁉️ “What if your spouse is always using the excuse of ‘not now’ for weeks when you are trying to have a conversation?

Doesn’t talk to you or check on you to see how you are doing but has time to chat…

…and some might call him ‘baby’ when you never hear him call you that in a long time.

And the only way he approaches you is by trying to intimate you and even that, he goes back to the mood fast.”

Key #2 of 7 – Purpose: How to Save My Marriage By Myself

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Well, you have to have a purpose in life.

I know that you are asking what this has to do with saving your marriage if your spouse has shut down on you.

Stay with me.

If you’re depending on somebody else’s purpose, chances are, you are already lost?

So you have to build on your own personal purpose.

If you don’t know what your own purpose is, then you have to search for it.

You have to keep trying stuff.

There’s a reason why God brought you to this earth.

It’s not just to be married or have Children; God has a purpose for everyone.

And if you don’t know and connect to that purpose, you’re gonna lose your way; especially in a marriage.

So one of the secrets to attracting your spouse back when they’ve checked out on you is to go radio silence on them.

Some all it the NO CONTACT RULE… check it out with this link.

You have to basically give them what they ask for, which is “some space.

They may have asked for it in weird ways that you clearly didn’t understand until not; but you have to give them exactly that.

The number 1 key will enable you to do it; Remember Unconditional love.

If you love your spouse enough, you will let them go if that’s what they’re asking for.

It doesn’t mean that you guys are not gonna get back together.

It doesn’t mean you guys are not gonna fix the issues that you have at the moment.

So the 2nd key to guide and make that even easier is your purpose and our personal mission in life.

It will keep you busy enough to have the required patience to attract your spouse back.

Without a personal purpose, you will be lost and too weak to allow the necessary time and space to miss you.

You will become one of those people that do not feel a sense of existence and try to commit suicide because of a break up.

It’s a lack off sense of purpose.

I know you’ve heard about celebrities who did that before.

Being a celebrity and making millions of dollars doesn’t mean you are in your purpose.

It doesn’t mean you’re fully 100% in your purpose.

Many regular people do it as well; they just don’t have the media coverage that a celebrity would have.

You need to be connected to a personal purpose that may be only you understand, that you enjoy doing, that…

Even if you’re not getting paid, you do not mind to keep doing it.

To attract your spouse back and even beyond getting back together, your personal purpose must come before your spouse.

If whatever you call purpose right now doesn’t come before your spouse, it’s not strong enough.

If you put your spouse before your personal purpose, you will choke the marriage up.

You will smother him or her.

It’s only a matter of time; you will come off as needy.

You’re gonna be clingy.

You’re gonna be in their face all the time; the worst thing you want to do if you are trying to save your marriage by yourself.

You’re gonna basically be overwhelming your relationship.

You have to keep this in context; it’s about balance.

Putting your personal purpose and mission before your spouse does not have to become shortage of affection.

Remember that the idea is to help you attract him or her back and effectively grow an undying affection.

It’s just the wise thing to know when to back up.

By spending a healthy amount of time, energy and attention on your personal purpose, they will have enough room to come to realization.

“Listen, I’m about to miss lose my spouse to anger.”

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How can I fix my marriage by myself?

The truth is that you can save your marriage by yourself.

It can’t hurt if you have the support of your spouse but you may be in the best position if your spouse has already shut down.

However it required a certain set of skills.

Read Get My Marriage Back 10-15 times.

Can 1 person save a marriage?

Actually, it’s easier for 1 person to lead the dance of you marriage in a different different.

But it requires lots of humility, patience and some skill-set.

How do you know if your marriage is worth saving?

It’s as simple as if you want to save the marriage.

You deserve whatever you want because it means you are that much willing to put in the work that will save the marriage in yourself.

How do you save a marriage when he wants out?

If he wants out, the way to save the marriage is to let him go.

Giving him exactly what he wants with thrown him off, pass anxiety to him and it will create your best chances of attracting him back.

But without certain skill sets, it is very hard to wait… also a there is a point you get to where letting go will be enough.

Skills is required to identify that as well but you have toilet go first.


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