Trying To Save Marriage Wife Said It’s Too Late? ❤️ Try this 3 “UNUSUAL” Tricks

In this lesson, you will discover the 3 SECRET tricks that I used when I was trying to save my marriage when my wife said it was too late.

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QUESTION ⁉️ “It all sounds great but this evil will not help me with my wife; when she says she’s done, it means she’s done.”

The first sign we notice in this message is the fact that a husband is throwing hands up in the air claiming there is no way for his wife to behave.

When you approach saving your marriage with that energy, you will attract more of it.

What if you accept that you are confused and it’s just time to learn something new about making your wife open for you to penetrate mentally and physically?”


Trying To Save Marriage Wife Said It’s Too Late

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TRICK #1 – Stop Confusing Words with Action

If you are like most people, you’ve caught feeling and you are feeling rejected because your wife says she’s done.

Never mind what she says; what about her actions?

Is she still living in the same house with you?  

If she is still connected to you in one way or the other, even if it’s because of the kids, I would stop panicking.

It’s common mistake in relationships especially marriage to confuse her words with her actions.

Relax and follow her actions.

Regardless of what the action may be, relax; you are the king.

TRICK #2 – Admit that the Marriage May Be Too Late to Save

Once you relax, she will become curious again and want to initiate engagement.

Use that opportunity to show case you new relaxed man who is sure of himself and require no validation from anyone in order to be happy.

This is more of a demeanor and energy than what you say out.

It’s also okay at this stage to admit that the marriage is bad

… and that’s not equivalent to admitting that it’s all your fault.

It will only showcase you as a king who knows how to listen and communicate effectively with his queen.

This new behavior will shock your wife and will start to consider changing her mind…

If she was ever serious about saving your marriage being too late.

TRICK #3 – Give Her What She Wants; Gift of Missing You

This process will take time but you can leverage this opportunity to give yourself a gift.

When she insinuated that it’s too late to save the marriage, she’s was saying she needed space.

There is no one single event that can shut a marriage off.

Give her what she wants; the gift of missing you–space.  

You need space too as it’s an opportunity to showcase your ability of infinite patience.

BONUS TRICK – Learn the Art of Attraction – Read the Book 10-15 times

In that time period, it can be extremely difficult to just sit tight and not express yourself.

You may even feel unheard; but that’s needy behavior.

Download the book for free and read it 10-15 times so that you can teach the material unprepared.

It makes patience easier.

That time ans space will increase attraction between the two of you and…

You will equipped with material and ingredients to catalyze further growth of the attraction that you now have.


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You try so many moves to save your marriage but your spouse just doesn’t care anymore; feel as though he/she is no more the person you married.

Finally, you thought may be you should communicate more

But the very act of communication digs deeper and deeper holes of arguments, fights, emotional aches and more.

Exhausted, you share your experience with your family and now the whole family is in feud;

Your parents, siblings, on both sides of the family etc.

They have all caught feelings.

You wonder if your kids will have a home with both parents 6 months from now... it feels like no one cares or ever cared.

If you feel a connection to this reality at any level, I feel your pain.

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