35 Warning Signs Your Wife is Cheating ❤️

By the very fact that you are seeking this information, I would assume that you already have your suspicions about your wife cheating.

I am sorry that you are going through that.

It’s gotta be a painful place to find yourself and your marriage.

A part of me wants to suggest that you trust your instinct but another part wants me to warn you of the blurry or fine line between unhealthy insecurity and your suspicions.

Once you embark on these types of feelings about your wife’s level of faithfulness, it’s very hard to go back.

In essence, the mind is very delicate and it’s hard to resist the urge to find more information to confirm your suspicion once your inclination is already in that space.

WARNING! These 35 exhausted signs are not equivalent to absolute truth. 

If you treat it as such, you can potentially destroy your relationship with a good woman in the case where she had been innocent.

I would encourage you to find clarity between your suspicion and insecurities as you explore the possibilities that your wife is cheating on you.  

But they can also overlap or both can be true at the same time.

These 35 signs below are just that; signs.  

There are many times that any individual sign or even combination does not necessarily mean that your wife is cheating.

So be cautious with what you do with this information.

The pain associated with betrayal from a wife, partner or spouse is terrible and can seem unbearable.

But I assure you that whatever it is will make you stronger if and only if you don’t take her responsibilities with yours.

You are just as responsible because we are talking about a relationship but keep in mind that a choice is made for every time a person cheats.

If you play the blame game, it will result in feelings of guilt trip and your feelings just get hurt and worse.

What is Cheating in a Marriage?

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Cheating is beyond sexual activities. 

That just happens to be the most popular and considered to be the most hurtful by most people.

It means that your wife is involved in activities she wouldn’t want you to know about because, precisely, it will hurt your feelings if you find out.

If any one of the signs below becomes one of 18 other signs on the list, it would be possible indication that your wife is up to some bad behaviors.

However, any one sign as a stand alone can also have 1,000 other reasons outside of cheating or infidelity.

These are some signs that “may” indicate that your wife is cheating on you.

1, She Changed Her Passwords

There are, of course, many other reasons why your wife may have changed her passwords or passcodes for social media and smart devices.

If she is also involved in extra marital affairs, she would also want to cover her tracks on the various communication channels.

This is especially true if she had never password protected in the past or if she had always shared the information.

With that being said, privacy and a sense of individuality can be very healthy for your relationship with your wife as it can improve a sense of freedom.

2, She accuses you of cheating.

As humans, we tend to project our belief systems on others.

If your wife has never caught you in a cheating act of any type 

But somehow concludes at accusing you of cheating, there is a good chance that she is projecting her guilt on you as blame.

Guilt, blame and condemnation tend to work hand in hand and that’s usually against the idea of a healthy relationship.

If she’s engaged in cheating behavior, it’s only natural that she would believe other people are just like that. 

It’s a self-justification mechanism.

3, She removed your family name from her social media profiles.

If your wife changed her name to your family name when you got married and has recently changed her last name or surname on social media, 

That’s a red flag.

If you have been experiencing problems in your relationship with her in recent times, then this will probably not mean anything more than you already know.

But if it happened out of nowhere, the act in itself is already a form of rebellion and can be an indication that she is receiving unhealthy external attention.

4, She suddenly started going straight to the shower when she came home.

Even if your wife is only engaged in emotional affairs, she can feel dirty mentally.

So you can imagine if she’s getting physical with another man.  

This could mean anything or a one-of occasion and it definitely doesn’t mean much if she’s always done this.

But it can mean a whole lot, including cheating if it’s complete new behavior along with 17 other other signs.

5, She was diagnosed with STD

A sexually transmitted disease (STD) can also be transferred between very faithful couple 

…but  it can also be a sign of cheating if it correlates with 17 or more other signs.

6, She claims you are not making her happy

It is not your responsibility to make your wife happy; all you can do is love her.

But if you are married to a person who doesn’t know that, one of the first signs she may show if she is or about to cheat is…

…actually say it out that you no longer make her happy.

If she doesn’t know that making her happy is not your responsibility, she is weak and at least capable of cheating.

7, She doesn’t post pictures of you on social media anymore.

The keyword there is “anymore.”

If she has never posted you online in the past, bringing this up will attract negative and toxic energy into your relationship.

But if this is recent behavior, this is more of a sign that your wife is not proud of the relationship she has with you but can also represent a sign of your worst fears.

8, She avoids some restaurants

If you are taking your wife out and in recent times, you noticed that she is suddenly avoiding certain favorite restaurant,

That’s bad news… man.

She may have been hanging out at the same restaurant with a new boyfriend…


Maybe she’s just discovered that she is allergic to these particular restaurants’ food.

9, She wants to try new sex moves

What kind of a faithful wife suddenly starts a desire for explicit sex stunts in the bedroom?

She is likely to have tried it with a possible new fling and wants to see if you are capable of making her stop wanting to see him.

This is another sign you probably should pay close attention to.

She couldn’t just be wanting to spice things up between the two of you right?

It must be that she’s just up to no good.

10, She calls you by another name in bed

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Wow… women can be cruel.  

If she called you another man’s name while giving it to her enough to be screaming, wouldn’t that mean she was thinking about the other guy at that moment?

But she could also just be actively trying to use role play or her movie crush to spice things up for you all in the bedroom.

Who knows?

11, She stays late at work 

Your wife may be staying extra late at work for many reasons including the reason she claims.

But what are the chances that she has been taking advantage of this excuse to cheat on you with a coworker?

It’s probably wise to ask her how her days go and use that opportunity to listen to sneaky hidden details.

12, She suddenly wants girls trip

There is nothing wrong with a girls trip for your wife but everything can go wrong at those girls trips right?

What types of friends want to remove a wife from her home for 3-5 days in a row?

Be careful here because restricting her may work against the goals you are trying to achieve.

13, Unusual expenses

If, in recent times, you’ve noticed unusual expenses on your wife’s personal bank account, ask yourself…

What were you looking for on her personal bank account?  

If these expenses have been made at a motel around the corner from her job, it is exactly what you think it is. 

Is it?

At least, you will end up reacting accordingly.

14, On toilet for longer periods with the phone

You’ve noticed that she has been hanging out a lot in the bathroom claiming to be pooping.

Maybe you can set up cameras in that bit*h and find out what she’s up to.

Or she could just be playing games on her phone… 

There are only 2.5 ways to find out.

15, She doesn’t say “I Love You” Anymore

This right here depends on if she used to and then suddenly has stopped.

Could it be that she is falling out of love with you? If that’s the case, she must surely be falling for the person she’s cheating with right?


16, She consistently lies

Obviously a liar will steal; that’s what we learned as kids growing up in Africa.

Never mind white lies and the fact that most human beings do it every now and then.

Your wife is not most people, she is cheating on you if she lies consistently.

She is practicing for when she will need to lie to you about her secret boyfriend… that’s not making sense right?

17, Too many friends you’ve never met

What is she hiding her friends for?

She must be using these people who you don’t know to hide her bad cheating behaviors.

Or you get very jealous about the fact that she has a private life outside of you and that makes you get very defensive.

I am sure you have concluded that it must be the former.

18, She hugs up on doing the laundry

The clothes must be smelling of disgusting cheating activities in the dirty laundry.  

She probably doesn’t want you to detect it.

19, She treats you like a friend

You just found out that you have been friend-zoned in your own home by your own wife.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed; so where has she been channeling that energy?

To a secret boyfriend?

…or women can shut down if they don’t feel safe and secure?  

What do you think?

20, Hangs out longer in front of the mirror

I am sure you are wondering who she is trying to look good to impress when she has in fact walked around the house stank all these years.

21, She asks weird questions about cheating

That must mean she is either already cheating on you or at least considering it.

What are weird questions? 

Are they designed to reverse psychology the guilt back on you?

22, She is always angry around you

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It couldn’t possibly be that she is simply not happy about the relationship.

The only reason in this world why she could be angry is that she is or wants to cheat on you.

23, She opened a different bank account

But why?  

Why can’t you just have one joint account as a married couple?  

It must be because she’s a cheater and she wants to make secret spendings.

Or everyone still needs a level of individuality?

24, She cheated before

“Once a cheater, always a cheater.” 

Ever heard that before?

If considered that people do grow from bad behavior, it creates a different angle for this conversation entirely… right?

25, She avoids your friends

It could be that your friends have already caught her in the midst of bad behavior and she’s avoiding them.

She could also outrightly not like your friends and can’t stand being around them.

26, Drastic change in Sexual Desires

If she suddenly gets turned off from being intimate with you, she must be channeling that to a secret boyfriend.

On the flip side, if she suddenly wants to start having sex like rabbits, she must be learning from somewhere… a secret boyfriend?

27, She removed her relationship status from social media

Of course, she did.

She wouldn’t want her secret fling to get jealous of the type of love you are showing her at home.

28, She attempts to spend important holidays without you

She is in love with a secret boyfriend so she’d rather spend valentine’s with the person she is in love with.

Don’t forget that she still loves you at least; she is just not in love with you any longer.

29, She gains sudden desire to go to the gym

Why must she look good and fit suddenly after all this time that she hasn’t cared to look good for you? 

She must be up to no good.

She could also be finding and discovering her better self by investing in some fitness effort.

30, Replies your text messages in one-word

A woman who is in love with you tends to want to share everything with you even when they are not the talker in the relationship.

So if she just responds with one-word answers, you may find yourself wondering what she is up to with the rest of the time.

A secret boyfriend? Maybe?

31, She references friends you’ve never met

The real question is why won’t she just bring or invite them around for you to meet?

As a married person, do you really need to keep a separate life outside your marriage or spouse?

32, Her phone is always silent

If her phone rang out loud every time she receives those evil texts, how would she keep it a secret?  

That can ruin the excitement she gets from her secret affairs.

So it makes sense that she would silence the phone so that you won’t randomly pick up and find out the obvious.

33, She claims to be too busy to talk on the phone when she is at work

This is similar to the one-word text replies.

What happened to the good ol’ days when she couldn’t wait to talk to you on the phone?

Clearly all that energy could be going somewhere inappropriate.

34, She asked you for space

What does a married woman need space for?

Married women are supposed to be virtuous women of God and never get tired or too lazy to carry the emotional weight of a marriage.

After-all, she is a supper woman.

35, She takes every opportunity to not be around you

She hates you now; she is cheating.


Syke… lol

If you are in a state of reviewing this and actually find it as prophetic as opposed to the sarcastic piece that it is, you deserve a wife who is cheating on you.

There is a good chance that you have enabled her bad behaviors if in fact, she is cheating… 

She may not be cheating at all; but she obviously is not in love with you.

You should focus on learning these terrible insecurity you have just displayed here 

…and build yourself because you are about to push your wife away forever with your fear.

In life, you attract what you fear the most.

On the flip side, if you have paid attention to none or just a few of these 35 (many times just normal) behaviors, congratulations as you have a better chance of working on and getting your marriage back.

Don’t worry about blank suspicions and signs that are obviously not backed by facts. Focus on attracting her back in love with you.

A woman who is in love does not leave, and damn sure has no room for affection physically or emotionally with another person.

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Frequently Asked Question [FAQ]

There are 35 signs we have identified but there is no single one that can be a good indicator. You will need at least 18 of the warning signs here to call a red flag.

If you suspect that your wife is cheating, you need to seek counseling and find out why you would attract a cheater as a wife before doing anything else.

It sounds like you have not caught her red-handed which means there is a good chance that you are showcasing insecurity. If you are so sure, refocus back on finding out why you would be attracting a cheater as a wife.

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