10 Things To Know About A Cheating Wife

10 Things To Know About A Cheating Wife

What does cheating mean?

Does it always mean a woman who engaged another man outside of her husband?

No, cheating can also be a woman who forgoes their vows.

Cheating wives are cheating because of sexual addiction, depression, boredom in the marriage, and even lack of attention from their husbands.

Do these sound like terrible excuses to you?

In this article, we will explore the signs and reasons why some women are cheating on their husbands.

Here are some of the topics we’ll go over in this blog post:

  1. The signs of a cheating wife
  2. What to do when you have a cheating wife?
  3. Why do wives cheat?
  4. 10 ways to make your wife feel special
  5. What do you do to avoid cheating in your marriage

Let’s get started with a comprehensive and full breakdown of these topics.

The Signs of A Cheating Wife

The Signs of A Cheating Wife

How do you know if your wife is cheating?

The signs are subtle and, as such, it can be difficult to detect.

You may not even want to believe that she would cheat on you with her affair partner.

But there are some telltale signs of cheating in a marriage that need to be taken into consideration.

Just keep in mind that none of these signs are absolutes by themselves.  You need to see a few of these signs before raising alarms.

1. A sudden change in her appearance

This is usually seen in her dress, hair, jewelry, or makeup.

Or she may have started going to the gym that is why she seems to have lost weight.

She is trying to look attractive and different.

2. She hides her phone

It has come to your attention that something is suspicious about the way she answers calls when she does not recognize the number calling.

You can even catch her checking messages when you are in front of her.

This could be due to infidelity.

Her affair partner may be on the other line which is why she wants to hide it from you.

3. Shutting out the past

She will start acting like all those years with you were never there.

No mention of your shared memories, feelings, and experiences – like they never existed at all.

There’s no trace insight of what part each other played in each other’s lives, turning every conversation into an awkward and one-sided monolog.

4. Cheating rumors start floating around

Cheating rumors start floating around

You notice that people who know you both are talking about affair behavior:

– suspicions of cheating on social networks

– stories from friends and family members about cheating behavior, and etc.

There may be an actual affair partner but if your wife acts like they don’t care or is overly defensive, there might be something wrong.

5. She lies a lot

Even if she lies about things that you don’t think much of, it shows that something is wrong.

In most cases, lies have to be told to cover cheating behavior and those lies become more complicated as time goes by.

By the end, no one but and not even her can keep track of all the lies she’s told.

6. She gets defensive

She will always find a reason to explain any suspicious behavior – even when nothing is yet obvious.

The excuses may sound similar at first but they will change over time as she has to come up with new ones because she will realize you’re not believing them anymore.

7. She’s cheating with her time

She’s always busy and has trouble making or keeping plans with you, could she be meeting a secret man?

Even when you meet up with each other, it usually ends in an argument about affairs.

8. Her cheating thoughts are all that matter to her

She gets mad if you even think and discuss random cheating thoughts in the news.

This shows that nothing else matters to her except for being a horrible person for betraying her husband at the moment.

9. She’s cheated on you with other people

She unfriends you on Facebook, unfollows you on Twitter, and unfriends her friends who happen to be your friends

So she can hang out with them cheating without having any suspicions from you.

This includes infidelity in both thought and behavior.

10. The sex goes downhill

You notice that the passion between you and your other half is gone after a person has been cheating.

The sex becomes boring and not as frequent because she no longer feels a connection with you.

Could she be giving it up for another guy entirely?

11. She gets an unusual number of calls from men

She gets an unusual number of calls from men

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You may start to wonder why she’s answering the phone every five seconds and even taking calls in secret.

This could be a sign that something is up but it could also be cheating behavior which makes you confused because you don’t know anything yet.

You will have to find out whether the affair is real or not before you think about leaving because there might be other reasons  beyond why your relationship isn’t working anymore.

What Do You Do When You Have A Cheating Wife?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best course of action will vary depending on the circumstances.

However, here are some tips to consider if you found out that your wife has been cheating on you:

– Seek professional help.

This can be very helpful in getting emotional support and guidance during this difficult time.

– Don’t make any hasty decisions.

It’s important to take time to process what has happened and to make sure you are not making any bad decisions.

– Don’t try to deal with this alone.

Feeling like you have someone to talk to can be very helpful.

That is why betrayed husbands are encouraged to share their emotional pain with their family or some close friends.

Becareful who you share with as it can also backfire.

– Try to focus on your well-being.

This is an extremely difficult time, but it is also a good thing to take care of yourself in the best way you can.

– Keep in mind that this is not your fault.

And it’s never too late to make different choices for yourself.

If cheating is your reason for wanting to leave the marriage and decide to get divorced, you may want to seek out marriage counseling.

Why Do Some Wives Cheat?

Why Do Some Wives Cheat?

Wives cheating on their husbands is bad for the marriage, and it’s a cheating woman’s choice to hide this from her husband.

On the other hand, some wives in today’s society have just had enough of toeing the lines in their marriages, sulking around at work all day,

…being ignored by their husband who always insists they need something.

There are lots of reasons why someone may be cheating including but not limited to… 

– Alcohol abuse is considered by many psychologists as a potential cause of infidelity.

Certainly, alcohol can reduce inhibitions but whether it causes infidelity is arguable as many people have a problem with alcohol yet do not stray from their relationship.

Boredom in a marriage can lead to cheating.

If you don’t feel that your needs are being met, then that may be an indication that perhaps your husband isn’t doing enough to keep your interest or that he is taking you for granted.

– A new person entering the marriage can cause to break the marriage especially if they are not welcomed by the spouse 

e.g. a new mother-in-law who refers to her daughter’s wife as “the babysitter”.

This act of leaving her husband may be a way that she can show her hurt or anger towards him for not standing up against the upsetting behavior of his father or mother.

Drug abuse is another cheating behavior.

This may be from the use of substances such as cocaine, heroin, and marijuana which lowers inhibitions and affects a person’s moral values.

For example, cheating could be a means to an end so they can afford more drugs.

Financial problems can lead to a wife cheating.

Many cheating wives will seek their happiness through new wealthy partners thus leaving their spouses for them to start a better life.

Cultural changes over the past few decades have created cheating lifestyles that are acceptable to many wives.

For example, having an affair is viewed as natural, whereas in the past it was seen as shameful and immoral.

A cheating wife who feels under-appreciated by their husband may seek an affair as a way to boost their ego.

While seeking happiness, they end up harming themselves and their family with bad decisions that lead to divorce and single parenting.

A wife who feels unable to deal with emotional problems such as depression or anxiety may choose cheating as a way out of their problems.

10 Ways to Make Your Wife Feel Special & Making Cheating An Impossible Or The Last Thing On Her Mind.

Listen.  If your wife cheats, it’s her fault and it’s bad behavior that she had in her all by herself.

However, it takes two to be in your relationship and marriage.  You may have some power to make bad behaviors even more difficult for your wife.

The bottom line is that your wife can cheat on you just for not feeling special in your marriage; terrible excuse I know.

Don’t do these things if your wife was recently caught red handed cheating on you and the holy matrimony.

But If all you’ve got is suspicions of your wife cheating, here are 10 things you can do to turn things around.:

1, Make her feel loved and appreciated.

Make her feel loved and appreciated.

One of the best ways to make your wife feel special is to show her how much you appreciate her.

You can do this by telling her how lucky you feel to be married to her, by doing something special for her, or simply by spending time with her.

Being considerate of your wife’s needs and giving her plenty of attention will make her feel as though she is the most important thing in your life.

If you’re not giving your wife your undivided attention, then she’ll feel as though you don’t care about her.

You can avoid cheating by spending time with your wife doing something she enjoys.

Take her out for dinner at a place of her choosing or watching a movie that interests both of you.

Whatever it is that makes her happy will show her that you truly do care about what’s important to her.

2, Pamper her with gifts and surprises.

Some of the best ways to pamper your wife are with gifts and surprising her.

The gifts should be thoughtful to create an emotional connection between you and your wife.

Pamper her with gifts and surprises.

You might want to consider including a letter telling her how much she means to you, the reason why you chose this gift, or how it’s connected to one of your shared memories together.

Please do not do this after finding out that your wife cheats.  These are preventive measures for bad behavior in general only.

A surprise is a great way to show her that you pay attention and notice all of the little things about her life.

One example would be going through all of your pictures throughout your relationship and printing them out so that she can put them in a photo album.

This will give her the feeling that you pay attention to everything about her past and it’s something she can share with friends and family.

Surprise your wife by doing something you wouldn’t normally do.

If she likes to dance but you don’t, then take dance lessons with her or find another way for you both to enjoy dancing together without being too out of character for either of you.

3, Take an interest in what she’s interested in.

If you want to make your wife feel special, then you need to put some thought into the activities that she likes.

If your wife likes to read, find an author that you have never heard of before and purchase their book.

You could also take her to see a new movie that just got released.

If she enjoys cooking, then invite her over for breakfast one morning with all of your favorite breakfast foods.

These are just a few examples of how you can spend time with your wife in her areas of interest.

4, Compliment her often.

Complimenting your wife often will make her feel special.

If she feels good about herself, then it is less likely that she will need attention from other sources, like other men.

Say “I love you”, even if it’s a million little things that you’re thankful for.

Sometimes, saying “I love you” is just not enough to light up your wife’s day.

Make her feel loved by telling her how much of a difference she makes in your life and why you appreciate the littlest of things from her.

5, Do things together as a couple.

Promising to do things with your wife is a great way to make her feel special.

Yes! Just the promise is magical.

You can offer to go to the grocery store together, cook dinner together, vacuum the living room, or take care of the pet.

Whatever you decide to do, be present with her and do your best to enjoy it.

6, Give her your undivided attention when she’s talking to you.

This means looking at her, paying attention to what she’s saying, and showing that you’re interested in what she has to say.

Be responsive to her and show that you’re engaged in the conversation.

If you’re not going to give her your undivided attention, don’t bother talking to her.

This will let her know that she is important and respected.

Research shows that men who do this have happier marriages and their wives are more satisfied with the marriage.

If you can show interest in what she’s saying, she will feel understood.

When a woman feels understood, heard and seen by a man, it makes her feel loved and cared about.

It is said that eyes are the windows to our soul so if we want to connect better with people then looking them in the eye is something we need to do more often.

This is especially important when we want to make a true connection with the ones we love.

7, Plan romantic getaways and vacations.

Plan romantic getaways and vacations.

When planning romantic getaways and vacations with your wife, be sure to include some of her favorite things.

If she loves the beach, plan a trip to the coast.

If she’s a nature lover, take her on a hike in the mountains.

And if she enjoys spending time in the city, check out some of the local attractions.

No matter where you go, be sure to make it special by planning all the details ahead of time.

Surprise her with tickets to her favorite show or a reservation at her favorite restaurant.

And don’t forget the flowers. (…If she likes flowers.)

A little bit of romance can go a long way in strengthening your relationship.

8, Make love to her often.

Spend more intimate moments with your wife often including a gentle caress, a kiss, or an embrace.

She loves these moments as well as the times you hold her tight after you have been apart for a few days.

Loving your wife means holding her tightly and kissing her passionately.

9, Support her.

One of the best ways to support your wife is to be there for her when she needs you.

This means being available and actively listening to her when she has something to say; even if it’s something that might be difficult to hear.

It also means being supportive during tough times and offering practical and emotional support when required.

Most times, she just needs to feel heard.

Lastly, it means being a positive force in her life and making her feel loved and appreciated.

10, Love her and the decisions she makes for herself.

Loving your wife and the decisions she makes for herself is one of the most important things you can do in a relationship.

When you love your wife, you are telling her that you value her opinion and that you trust her to make decisions that are best for herself and her family.

This builds trust and strengthens the bond between you and your wife.

When your wife makes a decision that you don’t agree with, try not to let it ruin your day or cause problems in your relationship.

If you disagree with your wife on something important, sit down and talk about it but make it clear that you trust her judgment even if you don’t necessarily agree with it.

This will help build trust in the relationship and strengthen the bond between the two of you.

Listen to what she has to say without judging her.

When your wife talks about something important to her, listen carefully and don’t interrupt – even if you disagree with what she is saying.

Try not to think about how what she says will affect you or how it relates to your life.

When you truly listen, you are showing that you care about what she has to say even if it’s not relevant to you.

Additional Things To Do To Avoid Cheating On A Marriage

Additional Things To Do To Avoid Cheating On A Marriage

There are a few things that you can do to help avoid having a cheating wife.

One of the most important things is to keep communication open and honest within the context of wisdom of course.

You should also be aware of the signs that your wife might be cheating on you.

If you see any of these signs, you should address them immediately with healthy communication skills.

Finally, you should always try to keep your relationship strong and healthy.

This will help to discourage infidelity.

Keeping Communication Open And Honest in Wisdom

Keeping communication open and honest is one of the keys to avoiding having a cheating wife.

Open and honest in this context means giving her freedom to express herself while managing her own idea of openness and honesty.

You should never hide anything from your wife but hiding things from your wife can mean 1,000 different things.  

Wisdom is required.  The ultimate goal is to make her feel special.

Brutal honesty can create the opposite effect.

This factor can also encourage honesty between both partners which could reduce the likelihood of cheating in general.

Maintain A Healthy Relationship

Having a healthy relationship with your partner will not only help to avoid infidelity but will also make you happier.

A healthy relationship could make someone less likely to cheat if they know that their partner is always aware of what they are doing and who they are with.

Usually, there is no room for cheating thoughts in your wife’s mind if she feels safe, secure, and special around you.

Be Aware Of The Signs Of Cheating

It’s important to always be aware of the signs that your wife might be cheating.

These could include being secretive or acting suspiciously, flirting with other men, making more frequent trips out without you, or neglecting her appearance.  

You should also keep an eye on where she is going and who she has been spending time with recently.

If you notice any of these signs then you should confront your wife about it immediately to try to avoid infidelity.

It’s important to note that this could cross the line to insecure behavior if you don’t work on your personal mental health.

Take Precautions To Avoid A cheating Wife

There are a couple of precautions that you can take to prevent having a cheating wife.

Firstly, you should work on yourself as you will attract who you are.

I know it sounds like I am blaming you as a victim.  But you cannot be a victim and engage your power at the same time.

Another way is to ensure that the two of you always get time to spend together and that the two of you go out on dates regularly.

Regularly scheduled dates can help to prevent infidelity because it encourages intimacy between the couple and help them to stay in love.

The goal however is intimacy and not the actual date.


If you are worried that your wife is cheating, there are certain signs to look for.

For one thing, she may be acting differently than usual.

She might also be spending more time away from home and coming up with excuses as to why this is happening.

If these things sound familiar, you must speak to her about what’s going on.

But, you should never confront the cheating wife without first speaking with them because they could easily deny everything…

Or tell you something different instead of the truth just so they can keep their affair hidden from view.

A lot of times, cheating wives cheat out of loneliness.

She may not have anyone to talk to or spend time with, which makes her feel unloved and neglected.

Your moral compass may kick against that as an excuse.

When your wife tells you she’s been cheating, it can be difficult to know how to react.

You may feel like you want to scream, cry, or lash out in anger.

However, the best way to respect your marriage is to listen to her and allow her to explain her actions.

Don’t try to judge her or place blame.

Instead, simply try to understand why she made that poor decision.

Ultimately, it’s up to you now whether or not you want to work on rebuilding the relationship;m but by respecting yourself first,

You have to demonstrate self-respect in order to attract the respect you have clearly lost.

After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of how to attract a faithful wife and repel a cheating wife.

By following these 10 tips for making her happy, you’ll be able to avoid cheating behavior and keep the love alive in your marriage. 

Everyone makes mistakes, but you should ask yourself if these mistakes are something you could forgive.

The cheating wife must earn you back first before you should even consider entertaining an apology to make the marriage work.

You don’t have to let your marriage fall apart because of an affair; love can last forever.

What are the signs of a cheating wife?

You need to look for excuses to take phone calls that last a long time.

Look for deep circles under her eyes, as well as evidence of a diet change if she usually eats healthily – such as weight loss. The weight may disappear very fast, usually at the level of fat from eating since jogging burns off lean muscle mass.

A change in mood or behavior is also a sign something is going on, including being depressed and having an increased sex drive. In addition, watch out for situations where they start spending more time with people you don’t know – friends of friends rather than usual single-dates do not count.

What do you do with a cheating wife?

If you ask me, typically it’s best to try and forgive her. The way we often go about punishing infidelity is by either leaving the spouse or striking back with anger and rejection. But it’s important to remember that she cheated because she was unhappy in our marriage first.

How do I catch a cheating wife?

First, you need to gather some evidence. This could include tracking her phone, checking social media posts, or looking for changes in behavior. Once you have some evidence, confront her with it and see what she says. If she denies it, you may need to get a detective involved to help prove that she’s been cheating.

Can you forgive cheating wife?

Yes, of course. The feelings of betrayal and hurt are very real, but if both parties are willing to work on the relationship, forgiveness is possible. A cheated wife and cheating husband may face lasting consequences and challenges, but the marriage can survive infidelity. If you cheated and want to save your marriage, you’ll need to take responsibility for your actions, apologize honestly, show her you’ve changed, and be willing to work hard on the relationship.

Why do wives cheat?

There are many reasons why wives cheat, but some of the most common reasons include feeling neglected or unappreciated, feeling lonely or unloved, and wanting attention or excitement that they’re not getting from their spouse. Cheating can also be a way to get back at a spouse who has been unfaithful or done something wrong.

Marriage Counseling – Can It Help Alleviate Your Relationship Stress?

Marriage is a wonderful institution, but marriage counseling can help if you feel like it’s not working.

Marriage counselors can be individuals with long-term experience (10 years or more) in marriage with ups and downs.

They can also be psychologists or marriage and family therapists who have graduated with degrees in marriage counseling or marriage therapy.

They are trained to work with couples to improve their relationship, strengthen trust, manage conflict and resolve problems that may be causing the marriage tension.

Marriage Counseling

Counseling has helped many couples find new approaches to solving old problems by teaching them how to communicate more effectively…

…about what they want from each other, listen better, make compromises, avoid power struggles, understand each others’ needs for closeness and independence…

…set realistic goals for themselves as individuals and as a couple and learn how to forgive one another when mistakes happen.

Here Are Some of the Topics We’ll Go Through in this Post:

  1. Marriage Counseling In Detail
  2. How does Marriage Counseling Work
  3. Types of Marriage Counselors
  4. How marriage counseling can help alleviate marriage stress
  5. How to find Marriage Counselors near you?

Let’s get started…

Marriage Counseling in Detail

Marriage Counseling in Detail

This is a special type of therapy that involves marriage and one or more partners.

Counselors typically help couples work through issues they are experiencing in their marriage.

Counselors provide marriage advice to help couples improve their marriage and the underlying relationship.

They may offer therapy services as a marriage counselor, marriage and family therapists, cognitive-behavioral therapists, and more.

Some counselors will specialize in certain areas such as substance abuse and emotional or mental illness.

When looking for a family therapist, it is important to find someone who is licensed and qualified or a licensed clinical social worker.

For counseling and coaching, a license is not necessary but a regular married couple with experience is absolutely worth everything.

Many marriage counselors offer free consultation or training webinars so you have a meaningful encounter with the counselor and see if they are a good fit for you.

Couples counseling can be very helpful in resolving issues in a marriage and improving the overall relationship.

It can provide couples with the tools they need to communicate better, manage conflict, and resolve problems.

If you are experiencing some relationship issues, couples counseling may be the solution for you.

Although marriage counseling is often seen as a last resort, it can be a very effective way to save a marriage that is in trouble.

If you and your spouse are considering couples therapy, here are some things you should know.

1. Marriage counseling is not just for legally married couples who are on the brink of divorce.

It can also be helpful for any type of couple who are struggling with communication issues or who have been married for a long time and want to revitalize their relationship.

2. Marriage counseling is not cheap.

It can be expensive, depending on your location. 

For instance, marriage counseling in New York City is more expensive than marriage counseling in Dallas.

However, it may be worth the investment, especially if it helps you to save your marriage.

I can guarantee you that divorce is much more expensive than marriage counseling.

3. Marriage counseling is typically used to involve meeting one-on-one or in a group setting.

These days, a lot can be done even more productively via virtual meetings, workshops, and seminars.

4. There are different kinds of marriage counseling.

You and your spouse may want to consider individual sessions or marriage counseling with a friend or relative in attendance as support.

We recommend personal individual marriage counseling sessions for you as 80% of the work you want to do or risk wasting money on treating marriage counseling as an argument platform.

How Does Marriage Counseling Work

How Does Marriage Counseling Work

When it comes to marriage counseling, there are a few different methods that might be used.

The most common one is cognitive behavioral therapy, which focuses on helping people identify and change the thoughts and behaviors that are causing them problems.

Other common methods include marriage and family therapy, which helps to address family conflict, and emotionally focused therapy.

It helps couples to understand and manage their emotional responses to each other.

Some family therapists also offer online therapy, which can be a great option for people who live far away from a therapist or who don’t feel comfortable meeting in person.

Online therapy is also a good choice for people who want to remain anonymous or who don’t have enough money to pay for traditional therapy.

You get to save money, energy, and resources while potentially creating even better results due to heightened engagement with the process.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a marriage counselor is that not all of them are licensed or clinical social workers.

If you’re looking for someone who has specific training in marriage and family therapy, then you should make sure that the counselor you choose is licensed in that area.

Just keep in mind that a license is not the same thing as experience and experience is still the best teacher.

If you’re not sure whether couples therapy is right for you, many marriage counselors offer a free consultation or free virtual webinars to help you decide.

By contacting a marriage counselor, you might be able to learn how marriage counseling works and whether it’s right for you and your spouse’s emotional health.

Types of Marriage Counselors

There are marriage counselors that use different types of marriage counseling techniques and strategies.

Some offer treatment in their private practice while some work with people who seek marriage counseling through public service providers.

Some marriage counselors specialize in individual therapy and others specialize in couples therapy.

There are marriage counselors who provide couple counseling at their own pace and others who provide therapy on a schedule.

Marriage counselors also help people with multicultural issues, domestic violence, or other problems they might be encountering in their families.

Many marriage counselors have additional techniques and strategies that they can employ when needed to solve these problems.

There are many therapists available for relationship issues, but it is best to find a therapist that has certain qualifications beyond licenses and degrees.

Marriage has changed a lot in the past few decades.  Many licensed therapists are stuck on oil school concepts that only worked in the stone age.

Some Marriage Counselors Offer Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a type of psychotherapy that is used to treat a variety of mental health disorders.

It is a short-term, goal-oriented therapy that focuses on the relationships between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Some marriage counselors are first responders, meaning that they are specially trained to deal with critical incidents and trauma.

They often provide therapy to people who have been through a traumatic experience such as a natural disaster, being in a car accident, or being a victim of crime.

Marriage counseling can help these individuals process the trauma they have experienced and move on with their lives.

Marriage counseling can also be helpful for relationships in general.

Many couples find marriage counseling to be a valuable treatment for improving their family trauma and conflict.

Marriage counseling can help couples address issues that are causing stress in their relationship and work through them to improve communication and conflict resolution.

If you are considering marriage counseling, it is very important to…

Do Your Research and Find a Marriage and Family Therapist or Services That You Can Trust,

Do Your Research and Find a Marriage and Family Therapist or Services That You Can Trust,

…marriage counselors that have expertise in marriage counseling, and those whose practice meets the goals you have for your marriage.

How Marriage Counseling Can Help Alleviate Marriage Stress

Most marriage counseling starts with the marriage counselor doing a marriage assessment.

The marriage therapist will then diagnose what is happening in the marriage and work to build on any strengths that are present.

The marriage therapist will also examine how each spouse’s past has influenced their marriage.

Psychotherapy is also used to help couples build on their relationship by teaching them some new ways to communicate best with one another.

Marriage counseling can be a big help in alleviating marriage anxiety because it can allow both spouses to discuss their feelings openly and find ways of solving their problems together.

It is often effective because the marriage counselor doesn’t have any personal agendas or biases.

Private practice marriage counselors are trained in different therapeutic approaches, including couple’s therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, transactional analysis, humanistic psychotherapy, and many more.

The marriage counselor will also help teach couples how to communicate with each other effectively by listening to one another and healthily discussing their feelings.

Marriage counseling is also helpful because it allows the marriage therapist to diagnose what is causing stress and problems in the marriage.

This information can be used therapeutically to build on any strengths present within the marriage, as well as find ways of alleviating marriage stress.

Relationship issues cannot be fixed easily since it takes effort from both of them to make this work.

Hopping from one therapist to another is not a solution, so you must find the right therapy services that can help you and your partner.

Many marriage counselors offer their services at an affordable price, so there is no need to worry about that.

The following are some of the ways marriage counseling can help:

The following are some of the ways marriage counseling can help:

1. Provide couples with advice on how to deal with conflict.

2. Help couples learn how to communicate better with each other.

3. Help couples in treating anxiety and with their anger management.

How to find Marriage Counselors Near You?

The easiest way to find marriage counselors near you is to use an online search engine like Google.

Marriage counselors are usually listed by name, address, and phone number.

You can also look in the phone book or ask your insurance company for marriage counseling providers.

If marriage counselors near you are not listed on any of these places, contact a mental health agency and inquire about marriage counseling options.

If you cannot afford how much it costs, try to find marriage therapists who offer sliding scale payment programs.

Some marriage counselors provide free consultation on initial sessions after which they will discuss fees with their patients.

Some marriage counselors provide free consultation on initial sessions after which they will discuss fees with their patients.

Mental health agencies may only charge based upon what their clients can afford to pay.

Mental health agencies tend to be less expensive than private practices but may not offer individual therapy (rather in group sessions).

Remember that many therapists and mental health professionals offer free consultations via phone or in-person

…so you can get more information on the nearest marriage counselors and their practice.

Marriage counselors may include: 

  1. Marriage therapists
  2. Marriage counselors
  3. Marriage social workers
  4. Marriage psychologists
  5. Marriage psychotherapists
  6. Marriage rehabilitation specialists
  7. Marriage consultants
  8. Marriage counselors and 
  9. Marriage coaches with real-life experiences in marriage.

You can search for marriage counseling providers using any of these titles or the more general term mental health counselor (MHC).

Mental Health Counselors are not regulated in most states so they could have a degree from an accredited school or one that is not accredited by the American Psychological Association or other governing body.

While there are no laws against calling oneself a therapist without proper license or training others who provide therapeutic services, they should be held accountable if their lack of qualifications causes harm to their clients.

When looking for a marriage counselor, it is important to find someone with whom you feel comfortable and who has experience treating the issues that you are facing.

Some marriage counselors specialize in certain areas such as substance abuse, anxiety, depression, or anger management.

While others focus on working with couples therapy or family conflict.

If you are considering marriage counseling, be sure to ask potential marriage counselors the following questions:

If you are considering marriage counseling, be sure to ask potential marriage counselors the following questions:
  • What kind of training or experience do you have in marriage counseling service?
  • Do you use any specific evidence-based approaches in your work?
  • Do you have a sliding scale payment program if marriage counseling is not covered by insurance?
  • Can I do marriage counseling sessions over the phone or online?
  • How often should we meet face to face?


Marriage counseling can be a great way to help alleviate marriage stress and the negative effects that individual differences have on both partners in a relationship.

They will provide you with marriage therapy that is tailored to your needs as well as any other issues in your relationship, such as parenting or finances.

Marriage therapists are not always able to solve problems, but they can work through them and teach spouses how to manage their emotional health responses

…so they don’t become an ongoing issue for the couple.

When deciding if marriage counseling is right for you, think about what you will gain from going into marriage therapy sessions:

Relief from marriage stress?

Relief from marriage stress?

Improved communication skills?

A more healthy partnership?

If these sound like things worth working towards then it might be time for a consultation with one of the marriage counselors near you.

Marriage counseling can be a great way for couples to learn how to communicate more effectively and work through marriage problems and issues.

You must find marriage counselors near you who are experienced in these matters, so don’t hesitate to ask questions about their qualifications before agreeing on setting an appointment time.

The marriage counselor will then help the couple decide what they need most from each other at this point – whether it is another chance or some space away from one another.

Due to the sensitivity of marriage counseling, many people prefer confidentiality during sessions with their therapist which means there may not be any phone numbers listed online for them to contact either person directly after therapy has ended.

However, given the sensitive nature of marriage counseling, if you want your spouse involved as well but they refuse, this could actually be a great advantage.

Another thing to consider is whether marriage counseling will be covered by your insurance or other company benefits that you use, as this may save you some money.

Marriage counseling is not cheap, but it can save a marriage.

Marriage counseling is not cheap, but it can save a marriage.  Divorce is much more expensive.

Marriage counselors are there to help couples find solutions for their problems so they don’t have to resort to divorce.

The cost of saving your marriage may be higher than you think at first glance, but the benefits that come with it are worth every penny spent on them.

If you or someone close to you is considering getting married, make sure this potential expense is accounted for in your budget before making any commitments.

With all of these important factors taken into consideration, it’s time to make an appointment with a marriage counselor near you today.

What is the success rate of marriage counseling?

The success rate of marriage counseling depends on the type of marriage counseling, but most agree that 50% is too low.

A typical success rate for traditional couple counseling would be 10-50%. This varies depending on how severely distressed the couple is and if their desires are realistic (such as wanting to save a marriage where there will never be love). Premarital prevention programs have about a 25% success rate. A sliding scale can help identify people who may benefit from this program.

What should I not tell a marriage counselor?

There are a few things you should never mention to a marriage counselor. For example, don’t talk about how much money your spouse makes, or how much you spent on the wedding. Don’t air your grievances about how your partner cleans or doesn’t clean enough. And don’t bring up any past indiscretions. Doing so will only make it more difficult for both of you to resolve the issues at hand.

Does counseling really help marriages?

There is a fair amount of evidence that suggests counseling can help marriages. A study published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology found that spouses who participated in marital counseling were more likely to remain together after eight years than those who didn’t receive counseling. Counseling can help couples learn new skills, such as effective communication and problem-solving techniques, which can help them resolve conflicts before they become too damaging. It can also provide support and guidance during difficult times.

Can marriage counseling hurt a marriage?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the effects of marriage counseling will vary depending on the couple’s specific situation and the therapist’s approach. However, in general, marriage counseling can be beneficial for many couples, as it can help them communicate better and resolve conflicts.

Our Top 5 “Must Read” Marriage Books 💔 For Couples

In this lesson, you will discover the top 5 “must-read” marriage books we think every couple must read individually, especially and together when possible.

Every marriage will experience a crisis at some point regardless of how prepared for marriage the parties try to be.

Lola and I had our fair share.

When everything was good, lovely, and romantic, it was difficult for us to comprehend why we needed to learn more about how marriage works.

When we engaged in premarital counseling shortly before our wedding in 2007, we understood the counsel from a fulfilling-all-righteousness standpoint.

But we simply could not comprehend the depth of the importance of new wisdom with respect to marriage—we thought we had figured it all out.

You are probably just as naive as we were. 

That’s normal but I recommend that you rise above normal.

So we want to recommend our 5 top marriage books that we feel will put you into a space of new marriage-related wisdom.

I will also share what we got out of the book so that you can know what to expect.

Let’s dive right in.

Best Marriage Book #5 – The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman

I know you probably saw this coming.

The best thing about this book is that it is fundamentally a seduction tool precisely to maintain a healthy level of attraction in a marriage.

Of course, there is always a Mr & Mrs know-it-All who doesn’t believe in “all that goofy stuff.”

Unfortunately, attraction, as important as it is in modern marriage, tends to fall in the background of most marriages.

Sadly, some would read this book and use it to manipulate and set up even more unrealistic expectations.  

Don’t be that person.

It’s a seduction tool to learn how to serve so that you can receive more authentically.

Best Marriage Book #4 – How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

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Many people don’t realize that this book is more so about relationships than it is about business.

But granted. 

Businesses are also built on relationships.

In the modern age of marriage, friendship is the core of the underlying relationships. 

Till date, it represents the best flight I ever took because I read it while in transit.

In this book, you will ultimately learn how to build fruitful friendships with anyone.

One of the major conflicts in marriage dances around either controlling behavior or lack of accountability of one or both sides.

In reality, you can try but you cannot control another human being, especially an adult.  

You can however learn how to influence them.

Also, if you feel like your spouse is not being accountable, this book will actually teach you how to influence in the direction you want especially if that is positive.

This works better than going into teaching mode with the person you are supposed to be engaging romantically.

Sadly, this skillset is just as powerful to influence negatively as well.  

You are probably doing that already but may be unknowingly.

Best Marriage Book #3 – How to Be a 3% Man by Corey Wayne

Personally, I believe that the man sets the tone while the woman builds the home. (By the way, I am not talking about a house.)

To adjust more appropriately, I am referring to a typical man and a typical woman. 

As you probably already know, there are exceptions to every rule in life.

So since a typical man sets the tone, it’s probably a wise decision to learn how to become the best that the society has to offer as a man.

Being born or identifying as a male gender is simply not the equivalent of being a man; neither is being a married man.

Just look around you, even as a man, I’m sure you have experienced a man misbehave out of place and out of his masculine core.

I believe this book is not an absolute bible but it will give you great insights into identifying your best moments as a man in his full strength and masculine core.

You can therefore replicate it more often.

If you are a woman, it’s a great read so that you can learn what to expect from a man that you can create a healthy marriage and relationship with long term.

Best Marriage Book #2 – His Needs, Her Needs by William F. Jr. Harley

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As self-explanatory as that may sound to you, we’ve found that most couples are and will have difficulty balancing and consolidating 2 people’s needs at the same time.

In this modern times and age, with the massive uprising of not-so-professional opinions around marriage on social media…

… and the ease of regurgitating these toxic online  opinions of those who have experienced heartbreak without proper healing, this book was my personal saving grace.

That’s why you see grown men roaming around social media talking about…

“Marriage is a total waste of time. If you want a woman, live with one or get a hooker.”

Yea I know. It’s sad, right. 

That’s what happens when humans with the mind of a gold fish go through a heartbreak. 

Then it’s everyone else’s fault but the man in the mirror.

We learned that faults, guilts, blame, judgment and condemnations are irrelevant unless you want to perpetuate a life of emotional suffering.

So this book started my journey down the rabbit hole of learning the differences that create the sexual polarity, love and romance that both the man and the woman crave badly for.

If I’m being honest, it wasn’t good enough but it was good enough to start that journey of remaining a perpetual student of relationships for me personally.

And it has been worth every word in it.

Best Marriage Book #1 – Get My Marriage Back by Lola & Ola

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After reading all those 4 books we recommend, something massive was missing.

There was no book in the market written by a couple from their own perspective and personal stories addressing these issues.

It’s not a book on English grammar.

It’s a book highlighting how we did it and still doing it.

Lola and I understand the perspective of the western and traditional world. 

We found that at its core, we are all the same.

But it isn’t that simple. 

So we wrote this book to unpack things, especially for two types of individuals.

If you feel like your marriage is broken or…seems like it and you are the only one fighting for it, this is the book for you.

But if you feel like things couldn’t be better in your marriage, you may not appreciate the content.

Keep doing whatever is working for you.

Lastly, any and everyone will pick up tips on preparing for the inevitable break down to rock bottom of every marriage before you can build real and true love.

So tell me in the comment area which of these 5 books you will be picking up right away and why.

Don’t forget to download your free book.

Get My Marriage Back at:


Also check out the 30 minutes free coaching and discovery session that we will give you access to right after the download.

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5 Reasons Why Your Wife Is Not Interested In You Sexually 💔

In this lesson, we are about to dive in through the story of a 28 years old guy

who is married to a 33 years old with a brand new baby and the blue balls syndrome.

Let’s call him Felix.

He writes…

“My wife and I have been together for about 6 years, married for 2 and we have an almost 1 year old child. 

My wife has had a reasonably exciting sexual past, and one thing that really stood out to me…

when we first started dating was how in control and proud of her sexuality she was. 

She was always full of confidence, dressed to impress and was unapologetic about going after anything she wanted, whether that was sexually or just for fun.”

Before I continue into this story, let me introduce myself.

My name is LOLA and I am the co-author of the book


…with my husband OLA

…which you can download for free at:


You will also see an opportunity to book a free 30 minutes coaching session with us. 

My name is OLA.

So Felix continues to write…

“Due to our work, we sometimes spend significant periods of time apart. 

But the time apart was filled with dirty messages, photos and videos, and exploring fantasies, toys, lingerie and bondage ideas. 

I would send her over sex toys to use and she would send videos back (she couldn’t buy toys where she was). 

After a while (about 3 years ago), it didn’t just drop off, it stopped completely.”

So here goes the first reason…

Reason #5 – All Good Things Comes To An End

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I know that may sound scary and discouraging when it comes to the prospect of marriage for young men.

But what are we referring to as the “thing” here?  That will be greatly dependent on how much of a man you are.

I want to assure you that it is a good thing when you are aware that good sexual explosive phases as a thing do come to end.

It’s how we are able to separate a good phase from a bad phase so that we can appreciate either of the phases better.

And do everything within our power to consistently seduce our wives.

You have a choice to decide if this particular good sexual explosive phase is coming to an end permanently or temporarily.

Let’s continue to read…

He continues…

“We married almost 2 years ago, and the only decent period of somewhat routine sex since then was when we were trying to have a child. 

Suddenly I was the bad guy when I wasn’t available on a particular evening because that’s when we were most likely to conceive,

completely ignoring the 12 months prior of me desperately trying to initiate some kind of intimacy. 

Priorities and our lives in general have changed a great deal since then, with our beautiful baby now the centre of our lives.

However, I’ve felt more and more like I’m just a passenger along for this ride with my wife and kid.”

Reason #4 – Playing Victim vs Engaging Power

Keep in mind as always that this is not a “right or wrong” thing.  

It is not a joke but it is a game where you have to learn that playing the victim and retaining your power cannot co-exist.

You have your lady who is also nurturing your own brand new baby, and somehow you are a victim?

It’s not sounding right… right?

Your wife can feel that energy and it will only turn her off even more without her deliberately doing that.

I want you to become self aware and clear about that while responding to this crisis. 

Let’s continue to read…

He continues…

“We haven’t had sex properly in over 18 months.

My wife occasionally makes snide remarks at me, when after periods of trying to initiate some kind of intimacy,

I give up and stay up later to have some ‘time to myself.’ 

She makes me feel like a creep in my own house and I just feel like shit, and my anxiety starts to tick up.”

Reason #3 – Giving Up

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By your own words, you give up while attempting to initiate sex.

You can at least agree that there is nothing sexy about giving up and more especially the vibes and energy that accompanies that right?

Instead of giving up and continuing to play the victim,

I want you to leverage this moment of your life and marriage to engage your personal life mission and purpose first.

This may be something about your ambitions, career or some charity work that makes you feel fulfilled as a person.

It will leave you little to no room to keep feeling sorry for yourself while you are simultaneously giving your relationship some breathing room.

Now I want you to keep initiating sex but by practicing 3 steps forward and 2 steps backward.  

There is nothing sexier than a man whose wife feels safe enough to say “not today babe” while still trusting that he will be confident enough to initiate at some point.

That will even leave her some sense of obligation at the back of her mind and she may initiate before the next time you initiate.

If she doesn’t, you’ve decided to make that a non-big deal (engaging and retaining your masculine core and power) and try later.

She will naturally overcompensate for your patience later in the form of hot sex when she is ready to receive you back to back.

In this next lesson, I will reveal how this works in detail…

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Let’s continue to read…

He continues…

“We’ve tried to slowly reinitiate things, particularly when I’m away for work. 

We’ve tried to send a few exciting spontaneous messages here and there. 

We’ve started using an app where you essentially ‘match’ fetishes or sexual ideas with your partner

(i.e. only notified if they like the same thing as you, it’s pretty cool.) 

At one point, she even bought a new toy while I was away,

and kind of awkwardly apologized that it was a toy just for her and wouldn’t really be all that fun to use together. 

I was stoked and said she never needs to apologise for that! I thought this might’ve been the catalyst we needed. 

Fast forward the entire 2 months we were apart, and she hadn’t used it once.“

Reason #2 – “We” Don’t Seduce

There is so much “we” this and “we” that and it leaves me to wonder,

who is the seducer in this equation if what you want is more sex?

If you compete in feminine energy with your lady, it kills sexual polarity.  

What you are suffering from is partly low libido due to childbirth causing lower attraction in your marriage which is temporary.

This is not abnormal; we’ve been through the same thing.

It’s a process to get out of the limbo but it can be a faster process when you engage your seduction power which starts way before the bedroom.

Seduce more, initiate less and watch better sex come back into your marriage.

Let’s continue to read…

He continues…

“Occasionally we eventually have a really difficult but healthy conversation about our sex life,

and we walk away feeling great for it…but nothing really changes.

For the past 12 months or so, we go through a bit of a regular cycle. 

I try to initiate things at a pretty low level to rekindle a bit of excitement. 

It gets shot down over a period of 2-3 weeks, and my anxiety slowly escalates. 

I ruminate on the past fortnight, and the past 2 years and get frustrated. 

My mood dives, my wife asks what’s wrong, we have a bit of a chat (about all the same old things),

have a bit of intimacy (although, not sex) 

And I feel like she walks away relieved that she’s hit “reset”

and can now hopefully go another 2 or 3 weeks without needing to be intimate with me. 

Reason #1 – You Talk Her Out Of Wanting Sex

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As you’ve probably realized, the more you talk about this, the less sex you are having.

By now, you are just predictable; the mood patterns and swings are probably predictable AF.

Talking so much in the name of conversations in an attempt to increase intimacy is feminine energy.

When she’s asking you what’s wrong, she wasn’t faking it. 

It’s a way for her to protect your household when it seems like you are falling apart as the masculine core in the relationship.

While that’s very nice of her, it’s killing sexual polarity even further.

So that’s not where you want your lady. 

You want her to be able to count on you even in the midst of this crisis

and that’s part of the process of seducing her back into crazy intimate sessions.

Rejection breeds obsession so you are not abnormal but this is how to rise above the norm

as opposed to using blame, guilt, condemnation and judgment to make matters worse.

To learn even more about rebuilding sexual attraction back into your marriage, check out the featured video on the screen.

When to Give Up On Separation 💔 Average Length & Rebuilding Attraction

In this lesson, we want to talk about when or what is the average length of separation

before reconciliation and how to rebuild attraction during separation.

While there are studies that show an average of 2 years in this zone, there is more to this.

We are also leveraging the story of a guy’s submission of how his wife wants to pursue separation even though he is willing to die to avoid this.

My wife wants to pursue a separation.

My wife and I got married in May 2019 (a little over 2 years) and we’ve been together for five years. 

My in-laws (whom) I have a very good relationship with)

renovated their basement to an apartment for us so we can save on rent

and so my wife can have emotional support since Covid lockdowns forced her to work from home and be isolated.

Prior to moving to her parent’s basement, we had an incident last December 2020

where our separate issues during the lockdown basically just erupted. 

Her’s is the loss of purpose (as her job changed drastically), the isolation, and just overall anxiety. 

With me, I’m a frontline retail worker, had the option to be furloughed,

but decided to work anyways for job security to make sure we meet rent and other basic necessities. 

I thought I was doing better than her since I can still function at work but in reality,

I’ve been super stressed and scared of getting sick everyday that made me emotionally shut-off without me even noticing.

I started doing therapy to make sure I can be a better husband for her cause I don’t want us to have the same problems again. 

We then moved to her parent’s basement around a couple of months ago

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even though it’s a longer commute for me to work (1.5 to 2 hours),

I didn’t mind because I know it’s what’s best for her.

We haven’t been fighting a lot lately so I thought we were fine, and if we do,

it’s just usually about the same thing so in a way it gave me comfort to know that we don’t have a lot of problems. 

The theme of the fight is about me asking for her time and attention

since she’s been focusing more on her online female empowerment group

(which I’m not against and am actually very supportive of) and her other online friends (that I’m also not against). 

She found support from them especially since months before the December incident happened

but now I feel like she spends more time with them than me even though I’m now more open to be there for her.

Fast forward to last week, I came home and she left me a note saying she loves me

but she can’t be my wife anymore.. and that she wants to pursue a separation. 

We had a fight the night before about the same issue but I also acknowledged that it’s just me being anxious and I really just miss her.

She took her clothes and moved most of her personal stuff upstairs to her parent’s. 

I felt like I didn’t have a choice but to move out and go to my parent’s. 

We still talk sometimes through texts and she told me

she’s been having the same issues for 10 months now and that totally caught me off guard. 

I’m willing to do anything for her. 

To make her happy. 

To make sure she’s ok. 

And that includes me working on myself more. 

It sucks that I still can’t quite understand why we have to be apart and honestly,

I’m scared of the future cause I really don’t want to lose her.

She told me she doesn’t have any plans beyond healing but I’m not really sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

I feel like I’m going crazy because I thought I was doing my best to show her that I care and love her but for some reason,

she decided that this is what we need.

My name is LOLA and I am the co-author of the book


…with my husband OLA

…which you can download for free at:


You will also see an opportunity to book a coaching session with us. 

This is OLA… Let’s Get Into The Response


I am so sorry to read what you are going through.

Now let’s talk about navigating your life (most importantly) out of this funk.

This is a very good time (a rock bottom) to build a better and stronger foundation for your love life.

5 years is a long time enough to have some positive memories

she can reflect on provided you give her that space and time she asked for.

Trust me, you need that space more for yourself because the attraction (or maybe obsession) you are feeling right now is a direct effect of rejection.

A woman that doesn’t respect you cannot love you… that’s just how a typical woman is. 

Never mind what she said at the altar.

They reciprocate love as respect, trust and submission.

Your in-laws’ basement probably did not help to create room for her to respect you or your union.  

And the fact that she needed this additional emotional support was probably a good signal…

that she couldn’t trust and submit to your union as well.

So that would represent wrong timing to be needy with her for you to maintain your emotional stability.

Don’t feel bad; it’s not your fault.

In the next lesson, we will talk more about what emotional stability displays as in reality. 

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Let me give you some game. 

Please avoid receiving this as judgment. 

The world actually doesn’t care unfortunately.

Instead of you moving in with her (which tells me you probably became a pushover),

you were probably better off allowing her to go spend some time with her family.

As a man, you should always maintain a certain level of core assurance, and plan for your own life; something for a woman to follow.

If she’s not comfortable following your lead, she probably doesn’t belong with you at least for now.

So there were a lot of things you said that were signals that she didn’t get into this space overnight.

Therefore if you are patient and self-sustainable,

she probably will have a hard time letting go of you with a flip of a switch.

But she will turn you off permanently from her life if you keep up with the “needy” behavior (asking for her time and attention).

Women are like cats. 

You have to let them go and come as they please especially in the modern age if you’ve chosen to be with a modern woman

You have to have faith that the streets don’t love anybody like that and she will come back if she belongs there… if you chose to want her.

Her family and online female empowerment group cannot love her romantically.

But she may not know that until she tests it out and then willingly comes back to submit to your mission if you are still available.

From the look of things, it seems that she felt smothered for a while even though that wasn’t your intention.

In romantic relationships, intentions are overrated and “trust in good intentions” alone is causing many people pain; unrealistic expectations.  

How your love expression is received is a big part of the total outcome.  

You were oblivious, became complacent and I want you to know that it happens to the best of us.

Let her go!  

Give her space and time and be generous with it.

After consistent 90 days and simultaneously working on yourself,

if she hasn’t reached out, consider the marriage to be over and try to be okay with that.

It doesn’t mean you can get back together but it increases the chances of that happening.

Start seeing and hanging out with other people responsibly…

it’s good for your self esteem which is attractive to a typical woman.

By being okay with that, you will dramatically increase the chance that it is not over…

but don’t hold your breath.

She checked out. 

She needs to earn you back. 

Don’t sell yourself so cheap.

Your love life may not be a joke but it’s a game you should learn how to play so you don’t get played ever again.

It’s an attraction issue. 

It is not a right and wrong issue.

Stop apologizing for loving her. 

If she doesn’t want it, she doesn’t deserve it. 

Make it nothing against or about her but everything for your self respect.

Most men get caught off guard.   

That’s why you are the man.  Don’t try to compete with her at any level. 

You were busy being a man. Make it okay for her to be a woman even in these trying times.  

The easiest route is to point fingers at her especially with the help of outsiders who do not have the emotional intelligence.

“Babe. Take your time. 

Let me know when you change your mind and want to work on it.”

If you get angry with her, that resentment will lead to you self-destructing.  

You have options that you can start exercising if necessary in 90 days … responsibly.

When you are willing to do anything for someone who doesn’t want you,

it’s needy behavior because that’s how she is receiving it.

It’s unattractive. 

The brain works backwards against common sense.

It will only push her further away from you.

You can’t make her happy and she can’t make you happy. 

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS: More Video on our YouTube Channel

Learn how to make yourself happy and allow her to choose to be attracted to that in time if you are still available.

Because remember you have options, at least half-a-billion other beautiful ladies who will happily enjoy attention from you (a.k.a attention for you).

Like a typical woman, she can smell that you are scared of the future without her and that’s scaring the crap out of her directly. 

She is not abnormal. 

She is a typical woman.

It’s too much weight for her to carry.  

If you love and want her, you have to be okay with that.

You have to love her in a way that she feels free and that attracts her

or the right love to you beyond what you want.

If she doesn’t have a plan of permanently moving on,

that’s the feminine energy crying out for a masculine energy to fit right into. 

Leaving her alone is the masculine energy she is probably not used to…

making it okay for her not to be sure of herself.

When you combine that with the good memories you have hopefully had with her in the past years, she would never find anything better in the streets.

And whoever finds you after learning such a skill will be a very lucky woman.  

It’s a win-win for you regardless.

Believe what she has decided now and leverage it for massive greatness.

To learn even more about how to rebuild attraction in separation, check out the featured video on the screen.