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… or becoming the dreaded 50% divorce-rate statistics.

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My marriage is bleeding towards divorce very fast and all our attempt to communicate end up in argument.
I don’t feel free with expressing myself and my feelings with my spouse.
My marriage brings pain to my soul very deeply and I have never had to face this level of challenge in my life.
On a scale of 1-10, my attraction level towards my spouse is...
I believe that my spouse is the chosen one for me and my soulmate. I don’t see myself with another person in the future.
My biggest fear is losing my spouse. So I will do anything to save our marriage.
My spouse has fallen out of love and I feel hopeless because I don’t think our marriage can survive without us both in love
Based on my experience, I don’t feel that love is enough now... at least not anymore.
My marriage comes before my career life and/or business. But career is not functioning at full potential right now.
My spouse is selfish, doesn’t care and I feel like our marriage will crash the very moment I stop putting in any effort.
As a communicator, I feel like my spouse is a poor communicator and it has led our marriage down this path.
I feel like I don’t have my own space when it comes to this marriage.
If my spouse and I get locked in a room with nothing to worry about, we will hump (have sex with) each other like rabbits for at least 15 minutes.
I am confident in my ability to save our marriage all by myself.
Our present decision making process as a couple does not involve or reflect my personal desires.
I tend to put my spouse’s desire above mine.
We have so many good times and memories in our time together and in our marriage.
I fantasize quite often about life without my spouse.
I treat my spouse like royalty.
We fight so much that I can’t fight no more.
I think my partner is a good person.
I try to help my spouse with constructive corrections.
I let go and forgive super-easily.
My spouse is very mean with words and it hurts like hell.
We have sex at least 2-3 times per week.
I get very sarcastic with my spouse so that my point cuts across when we argue or disagree.
I look forward to coming home to my spouse when I am out.
My partner rolls eyes indicating that what I have to say is garbage even before I say the first word.
I love myself more than I love my partner.
I am afraid of speaking my mind because I know it will get me no-where.
I have other friends I feel more emotionally connected to than my spouse.
My spouse and I still go out on dates.
My spouse is not happy unless he/she controls every situation and conversation.
My spouse thinks I over-react and is oblivious to the fact that we have serious issues.
My partner threatens me with divorce and use ultimatums to manipulate me.
I think I want divorce but I am scared of moving on despite the fact that I already gave up on talking because it only ends up in argument.
My partners utters rude remarks at every attempt to communicate.
My partner is very selfish and consistently complain about nothing.
On a scale of 1-10, my partner’s attraction level towards me is...
My partner is attached to me in a toxic way and I feel smothered.
I am no longer attracted to my partner and I am not sure if I want to save my marriage.
I have fallen out of love and I feel there is no hope because it isn’t fair to hold my partner hostage in a marriage without love.
I love my partner so much and I wonder why the marriage is suffering.
My partner puts the career life and/or business over our marriage.
I am selfish right now, could careless and I don’t feel like I have the strength to put in further effort in saving our marriage.
My partner is arrogant and acts like my parents and that has to lead our marriage down this toxic path.
My partner is asking for space.
If my spouse and I get locked in a room with nothing to worry about, we will not be comfortable looking at each other in the eyes because attraction is dried up.
I am not confident in my ability to save our marriage by myself.
Our present decision-making process as a couple involve or reflect my personal desires.
My partner always put personal desires above the greater good for both of us.
Our experience together in this marriage is full of toxic memories.
I think my partner is fantasizing quite often about life with someone else.
My partner treats me like royalty.
My partner is a snob.
I think my partner is a nobody without me.
My partner acts like a know-it-all.
I am not sure that I can forgive my partner... may be I can forgive but I will never forget.
Sometimes, I say things that I don’t necessarily mean out of anger to my partner.
We have sex at most once per month.
My partner get very sarcastic with me when we argue or disagree.
My partner look forward to coming home to me.
I can pretty much predict that my partner will only say nonsense to me even before a word is said.
My partner is afraid of speaking his/her mind and that gets us no-where.
My partner has other friends or family he/she is more emotionally connected to than me.
My spouse and I have not gone on a proper date in a while.
I am not happy because my partner’s ideas do not make sense and I can’t fix things the way I want them.
I think my partner over-reacts and when, in fact, our issues are no big deal... they are simply blown out of proportion.
After making enough effort with no rewards, I will have to file divorce because it makes no sense to be living like this
I am tired of fighting for this marriage.
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ultimate marriage quiz

What is the Marriage Quiz?

The ultimate marriage quiz is designed to help you identify where your marriage is presently; terms of its chance to survive or crash.

As a matter of fact, your marriage has a 50% chance of surviving based on the statistics that we all know across different societies.

So the marriage quiz is an assessment that is quite necessary for most married people to take in order to assess health of their marriage.

The Problem with Marriages Today that this Marriage Quiz Addresses

While it is true that …

Marriage is an institution… Recognized around the world as a unit structure for family and society…

It presents unique sets of challenges for both husbands and wives even with a decent level of intelligence and knowledge.

The reason is that intelligence, semantics, dictionary meanings and common sense tend to have limitations

…around only things you can see, hear and smell.

In fact, your intelligence and “everything you believe in” will be tested…

And you will (at least initially) lose yourself at some point.

This One Factor is Responsible for 80% of the Energy that Creates a Healthy or Toxic Marriage.

When dealing with another human being such as your wife or husband, you are responsible (unfortunately) for how they “feel.”

Your partner may not express his or her feelings in a way that your eyes, ears and nose can perceive or sense.

You are still responsible simply because you (as an adult) made a choice to commit to them.

So the only solution when it comes to marriage is to master your partner from an emotional stand point.

But it starts with mastering your emotions as a reference point before you can even remotely come close…

To understanding another human being emotionally.

The 1st Marriage Quiz or Assessment that we Used!

At the 9 years mark, our marriage hit a wall and we had to do something about it; one person ran for the hills and the other shut off.

Pick up the book GET MY MARRIAGE BACK and read it 10-15 times to find out who ran away and how.

As you can imagine, none of these 2 strategies or temperament-show-out was the healthy choice.

But thank goodness, one of us found the way to the 5 love languages assessment which we found through the actual book.

And to say the least, it was an eye opener.

Who is this Marriage Quiz for?

This marriage quiz is designed for individuals to assess the health of his or her marriage.

And not necessarily to master the love language.

Because there is a good chance that you already feel like your marriage is in a bad place.

That’s what this intensive and comprehensive marriage quiz is all about.

It’s for marriages in potential crisis already and your first test is your patience level to complete the assessment.

Peep What People are Saying About the Ultimate Marriage Quiz

“I knew it was abnormal for me to cry to bed every night but I also felt tremendous guilt for feeling like I should throw my marriage away.”
~ Claire Moss

“This quiz was the starting point of the redemption of my marriage.
It became extremely easy for me to heal and attract her back once I took the assessment. Good stuff.”
~ Jim Morales

“Wow. My instant results gave me so much clarity and insights that no one in my circle was able to help me identify.
I needed this because frankly our marriage was drowning fast.”
~ Kendra Morrison

Success Stories & Testimonials

How to Use the Ultimate Marriage Quiz to Assess Your Marriage

The ultimate marriage quiz is absolutely free.

And it contains 70 questions for you to answer and/or acknowledge to the best of your knowledge of your situation.

But you can only see 7 questions per page; making the module a total of 10 interactive pages.

So as soon as you complete the last question on each page, it will automatically load the next 7 questions into the page.

The questions are mostly ‘agree/disagree’ type questions

…with 2 ‘scale of 1-10’ questions designed to be friendly and interactive.

Here is my Guarantee if you Use this Marriage Quiz to Assess the Health of your Relationship

There is no guarantee in life especially marriage even if you are a perfect person based on most people’s assessment.

So should you give it all up?

Of course not.

And that’s why we created this marriage quiz; it’s precisely…

Because we know that most people approach marriage with leaning on their own understanding and “righteousness”.

Why you would Skip the Quiz

The quiz could be skipped if,

  • You are in a perfect marriage or…
  • You are not in a perfect marriage but you haven’t felt enough pain that you can relate to your marriage.

Either way, it is understandable.

And we can just hope that you have the tools to handle the inevitable crisis and conflict that test all marriages.

Why You Should Get Started Now!

Just by reading the question of this marriage quiz…

You will already gain tons of insights that you can apply immediately towards a healthy marriage.

It’s the best thing you can do in order to attract a healthy marriage and love from day to day and for the rest of your life.

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What are the signs of a failing marriage?

The best way to find out is to pay attention to the question of LOLA & OLA’s ultimate marriage quiz.

What are good marriage questions?

We have create 70 questions to assess the health of your marriage.

It’s called the ultimate marriage quiz.

How well do you know your spouse questions?

When you take LOLA & OLA’s ultimate marriage quiz to assess your marriage, you will extract some great insights about your spouse.

Unhappy Marriage But Can’t Leave ❤️ Does he Love Me⁉️

In this lesson, we will cover a very popular question asked by women in seemingly unhappy marriages; “does he love me?”

But first which one?

There is a difference between Love & In-Love

It’s simple.

does he love me - unhappy marriage

To love someone is a deliberate value driven act while to be in-love is a feeling that comes from attraction and often a sense of newness.

It is possible for a man to love you and not necessarily be in love with you.

That is to say, the attraction level is low and unfortunately you can feel it that he is not drawn to you as evident by this question.

So if you can’t tell in his body language, he is probably not in love with you at the moment.

But keep in mind that it is probably temporary,

Especially if you have experienced the feeling of him being in love with you in the past

…depending on how far into the past it has been.

If a man still needs you in his life, he probably loves you because again…

Loving someone is a value driven deliberate action.

But in that same space, he may net be as attracted to you as he needs to be.

To love someone is a process and an on-going thing while being in love with a person is more of a state of mind; a feeling.

If he is in love with you, you will be able to tell as he shows that he can’t have enough for you.

For a man to love at that level takes a while and a process of growth.

34 years into marriage, a man can love you and it would be synonymous to being in love with you

Because that relationship has probably been tested a few times.

So the idea of not being with you is not a thing and cannot be even remotely entertained.

But it is a value driven act because it took time, a process and probably all types of tests on his character and the dynamics of your relationship with him to be in that space.

Therefore if you just met this man recently, loving you is not exactly relevant as he probably doesn’t even know himself

…with respect to your relationship enough.

However, he may be in-love with you

But you would be able to tell from his body language and other forms of expression if he is.

As an adult, the other question is if you are in love with him.

I would go out on a limb and answer for you; YES.

Wondering about a man’s feelings for you is one of the signs of high attraction and that you are in love with the idea of that person.

If this was a high school situation, no one knows themselves enough to be able to recognize real love.

How do I get out of an unhappy marriage when he is not in love with me?

If a man is not in love with you, that’s just a temporary feeling and a sign of low attraction.

So getting out of the marriage is not a solution especially if you’ve ever experienced high attraction in the marriage in the past.

Therefore if you have, the next best thing to do is to learn how to make him want you again.

It’s a nice little known skill that you probably used unknowingly when you were also in that space of giving naturally into the marriage.

The first step is to know that there is no such thing as an “unhappy marriage”; there are only 2 unhappy people in a marriage.

And secondly,

If you know anything about happiness, it comes from the inside and never from another person, a spouse or a partner.

Sure…. You may argue that others can influence your happiness.

I agree.

But ultimately, that’s called environmental factors… kinda like the weather.

Your marriage surroundings may feel gloomy but again, that’s a feeling.

And with proper knowledge, wisdom and empowerment, you can control how you feel from the inside… and like I said…

True happiness only comes from the inside.

If you give other people and your environment the power to control how happy you feel, it will always be that much short of true joy;

A necessary ingredient for “marriage goals”.

Thirdly, you go into a relationship to give.

So leaving this marriage for any reason outside of physical abuse will not necessarily make you happy.

You have a better chance of a “happy marriage” for lack of a better term when you build yourself from the inside

So that you can have enough to give emotionally into the relationship.

Also, confidence and non-neediness is one of the most attractive features you can develop to bring into your marriage.

And you can seduce anyone you want back into a blissful relationship with you when you learn how to.

There is a good chance that you have in the beginning but we all get complacent and take things for granted in relationships;

a.k.a “I lost myself”, ever heard that before.

So your marriage is only really over if you don’t want it anymore with this weapon of attraction at your disposal.

Also, if money and finances are not right in your marriage, it will cause issues.

But again running from that problem is an oxymoron; at least 50% of that problem is your shadow and it will follow you anywhere you go.

Leaving is a last resort;

First of all, find out what value or solution you can give into this monster of a relationship that you already know; it’s your best chance at happiness.

With a will, the power of seduction and high attraction, you will survive, thrive and become relationship goals that many will envy for a long time.

Keep in mind that the grass is always greener on the other side because it is being watered somehow.

“What if I’m not in love with my husband but I can’t leave?”

Not being in love is a temporary feeling and symptom of underlying issues in your marriage.

Leaving the marriage because of the symptoms will not fix your problem; in fact, it will potentially make life more miserable for you.

But you are the one in the marriage and you probably have deeper and clearer context.

If it’s just as simple and temporary as “not being in love”,

Look inside objectively and ask yourself if you have value or can build value to bring into this relationship.

This is easier said than done but it’s your best shot at a happy and blissful marriage again.

But keep in mind that leaving your marriage or divorce is not a crime as much as it may not be the solution.

If it’s a physical abuse situation, leave physically immediately and seek professional help.

Toxic arguments is one of the top signs of communication breakdown in a marriage;

It feels like a high that you know it’s bad for you but you can’t stop it until it destroys;

Shutting down on your spouse dismissively can be just as toxic.

So if you can still have a healthy loving conversation with your spouse, that’s a great place to start and build from.

If you have kids, don’t abuse them as a manipulation tool to leave or stay in the marriage.

The best thing you can do for kids is to be an example of what a healthy relationship and marriage looks like as they learn more from behavior.

I know we make it sound simple but nothing here is easy; it is simple but not easy… it’s easier said than done.

But it’s worth every effort you apply.

However, it is absolutely okay to draw emotional strength to want to give into and work on your marriage from your kids.

In a situation of emotional abuse and just flat bad behavior like alcohol and drug abuse, a higher level of patience is required.

But fundamentally, you can use the power of seduction and reverse psychology to get your spouse to start behaving right.

There is a reason why he or she is still in the marriage.

If they are the one solely benefiting from that reason, they may never change if they don’t show what it feels like to take that benefit away.

For example. I hear other counselors all the time insinuating that sex should not be used to punish the spouse.

I believe differently.

It’s impossible for a person who wants sex to use it to punish another;

It seems that way because they are clearly no attracted to the idea of having sex with the spouse.

In this context, sex would be the benefit that you should not be giving when you know that you are not attracted due to bad and abusive behaviors.

Sex is not a duty, it’s to be enjoyed together.

But having it less than twice a week outside of medical reasons is a sign and symptom of underlying issues.

So in conclusion

You should be focused on “giving” into your marriage and use that as the first step in solving all problems and dealing with crisis.

Sure… much patience would be required as everything is a process before you eventually start receiving.

However, keep in mind that all forms of abuse will probably not stop unless there are real consequences.

It’s as simple as demanding that abusers seek help out of respect for yourself, sometimes asking for temporary space and time does help,

But ultimately using that to work on building yourself so that you can have enough to give and attract the love you deserve and desire.

Below is a question for us to address with this lesson…

“I think I am between struggle and miserable.

34 years and 6 kids.

He’s always been a drinker. It’s getting worse.

He smokes pot everyday… has no job, not being very helpful unless I get angry and nag.

I am done but I can’t see that I have allowed him to become what he is.

No job, no prospect, no reliability to support himself.

I don’t know how to get out.”

Enjoy the video.


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Finally, you thought may be you should communicate more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is divorce better than an unhappy marriage?

Divorce and leaving you marriage is not a crime but be sure to assess your feelings against reality because leaving is often not the solution to lack of happiness.

In reality, there is no such thing as an “unhappy marriage”; there are only 2 unhappy people in a marriage

Is it normal to be unhappy in marriage?

It is not normal to be in an unhappy marriage just as much as it is not normal to deliberately stay in a low quality lifestyle.

What are the signs of a unhappy marriage?

Happiness is an individual feeling that doesn’t come from the marriage but personal responsibility of the parties in the marriage.

I guess you can then call it an unhappy marriage when at least one of the parties in the marriage shows sign of happiness.

A break down in communication and consistent argument is a sign of at least one unhappy person in a marriage.

How do I get out of an unhappy marriage?

There is no such thing as an “unhappy marriage”; there are only 2 unhappy people in a marriage.

Therefore the only way is honorably and respectfully communicate your intentions with your spouse; the same action that create seemingly happy marriage.

How do you know when your marriage is really over?

You marriage is over when at least one of the parties says it is over. It takes 2 to be in a marriage.

However, they may express this in action. For example,a marriage might as well be over when there is no intimacy for 3 months straight without medical issues.

Ultimately, it depends on the full context.

How do you know when to leave a marriage?

If your spouse has left you in a marriage, then you should consider leaving the marriage out of self respect.

It takes a minimum of 2 people to be in a marriage.

If you are feeling unhappy inside the marriage, leaving your marriage will not necessarily make you happy.

Getting into a new relationship with another person will still involve at least 50% of the cause of your unhappiness.

Consider assessing the real reason or underlying issues behind your unhappiness and working on yourself before leaving.