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New FREE BOOK Shows 12+ little known UNUSUAL Secrets To Save a Broken Marriage or Relationship, Build & Attract the Life of your Dreams 

So, How Do You Save a Broken Marriage or Relationship without Talking, Begging, Couples Therapy or Counseling?

From the Desk of Lola & OLA
Woodbridge, New Jersey.

Lola & OLA

I want to share a story of how we were able to save our marriage from an already-filed divorce doing exactly what we are about to show you.

You too can save your marriage or relationship without talking each other to death  in the name of communication.

All you need is “YOU” 

…and this critical information no matter what culture, background, religion or creed you belong in. 

Fighting to save a marriage, relationship or simply looking to avoid ending up in a broken and toxic marriage?

We’ve been there and you are in the right place.

Inside this book, you will Discover How to Save a Broken Marriage, Build & Attract the Marriage of your Dreams 

…by yourself using these 3 “Little Known” but Simple Secrets below plus 9 more in the book…

With little-to-no talking, without couples therapy or any counseling necessary.

Who is this for?

  • A person struggling with a relationship.
  • A person struggling with a marriage.
  • A person who experienced a break up.
  • A person whose partner has shut down emotionally.
  • Couples about to get married
  • Unhappy married couples
  • Couples who want to avoid crisis.

Imagine a marriage or relationship at a consistent level of joy and bliss that most people only fantasize or dream about.

Don’t worry about stressing much longer… we will show you how you can transfer your ANXIETY into your partner…

…And make them want you more than you possibly want them.

Just like 1,000’s of people that consume the life changing and relationships enhancing information we’ve included in this book.

Love, marriage and relationships are very simple and you can probably find free information all over the place:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Facebook Groups
  • Books
  • Amazon
  • Churches

However, that has posed a problem obviously… check this out

According to :

  • Number of marriages: 2,132,853
  • Marriage rate: 6.5 per 1,000 total population
  • Number of divorces: 782,038 (45 reporting States and D.C.)
  • Divorce rate: 2.9 per 1,000 population (45 reporting States and D.C.)


It’s no longer a secret that about 50% of marriages end up in divorce or some type of separation around the world.

That is regardless of what race, religion, culture, creed or society… it’s the same.

Clearly there is something we all need to not just learn but continue to learn beyond right and wrong.

But that’s not it… 

More than 70% of 2nd and 3rd marriages end up in that same predicament.

Sadly at this point, marriages including those solemnized in holy matrimony are predictable… 

About 50% chance that each of them will fail.

So if you are at a stage where you are fighting to save and get your marriage or relationship back into harmony, we get it.

We’ve been there…

As in… the legal divorce papers were actually filed with the county Government…

That marriage was over.

According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, 

National surveys,  as published in the New York Times, indicate that…

“15 percent of married women and 25 percent of married men have had extramarital affairs. 

The incidence is about 20 percent higher when emotional and sexual relationships without intercourse are included.

As more women began working outside the home, their chances of having an affair have increased accordingly.”

In fact, we get emails all the time of very good people who are experiencing emotional void and now engaged in affairs to fill it.

Some of these ladies had sworn they would never engage in such character-driven behavior and even struggle with the guilt of it all.

As published in 

“In almost 20 percent of all marriages and intimate partnerships, couples slap, shove, hit, or otherwise assault each other. 

Emotional abuse—verbal threats, humiliating or degrading remarks, and controlling behavior—is even more common.”

Out of 21 different negative stats on children of divorce published by OwenbyLaw, this one stands out.

“Children of divorce are twice as likely to drop out of high school.”

These are the real issues.

Even the internet is like a bathroom wall that everyone is throwing their ideologies and opinions on.

So you don’t even know whose methods to trust; everyone is a guru.

There is nothing worse than investing all that time and energy in a relationship with a person and watching it all go down the drain.


You feel even worse, if you have been rejected by a person you love.

Maybe you are feeling like a failure or like you are drowning and trying to survive emotionally.

…confused and probably scared to move on because of the fear of the unknown.

We are familiar with your feelings; you are probably feeling exhausted, depressed, cheated, unloved, unwanted and rejected.

But it’s not over until it’s over….Guaranteed! 

It’s not over until you want it to be over but obviously, your strategy must change.

As a couple, we are so excited to have you here because we believe in the family unit and companionship as the cornerstone of the society.

Therefore we have embarked on this journey to help 1,000 relationships and marriages per year rekindle and become goals.

We believe that this book will help you build and attract the marriage of your dreams, 

And we know that your results will inspire you to join us on this great mission.

This book will help you stop all of those terrible feelings almost instantly

…and put you on the right path of highest chance to attract the person you love back.

There are 3 simple secrets to avoiding it and/or getting out of the funk of a relationship crisis.

3 Secrets to Saving, Building & Attracting a Happy and Healthy Marriage…  

A Marriage & Relationship of your Dreams.

  • SECRET 1 of 3 – You have to get in touch with your spirituality, spiritual strength and growth because the test never stops. (NOTE: Spirituality is not the same as your religion.)
  • SECRET 2 of 3 – You have to find and identify a personal purpose and life mission that’s bigger than anyone’s life including yours.
  • SECRET 3 of 3 – You have to build a strong core of “self” utilizing self development, improvement, respect, worth and more.

I know that these secrets may not seem obvious or obviously related to your marriage or relationship yet, but when you learn and master this….

That’s the real secret that sets the winners apart from the losers in relationships and life; especially when it comes to a marriage.

This is not just the secret behind how we got back together after a filed divorce

…but SPECIFICALLY how we built a brand new and 1,000 times better marriage.

$9.95 Only...We'd like to rush the DIGITAL copy of the book to you, ASAP!  Instant Access to the Membership Area!

Who are we?

We are… Lola and Ola… Co-creators of and Co-Authors of this new book “Get My Marriage Back” that I want to rush out to you immediately.

…And how do we qualify to even talk about or present to you…

A happy marriage and relationship formula?

Our story is a testimony of why it doesn’t matter if divorce has been filed or even completed… even for years.

There is still hope for a happy and exotic love affair with the person you want and love again when you learn the secret techniques in the book.

We checked out…

Affairs, infidelity, 3rd party and extended family influences, vendetta, bitterness, resentments…. 

We experienced it all…

“I need space.”

“I need time.”

“I need to find myself.”

“I don’t love you anymore.”

As you probably can imagine or probably experienced already, these are NOT fun words to hear from your spouse or a person you love.

Because of the unusual bond and friendship we’ve always had, it was even more confusing for the both of us to be in that terrible space in our marriage.

“I was lost and cried on the wrong shoulders.”

By the 10th year of marriage, she filed for the divorce.

Just the 2 of us have taken full responsibility for how we got into that space. 

Other people were involved and it made things even harder but we intentionally and unintentionally invited them in…

Lola and I are 100% responsible for the invitation.

Guess who’s responsible for our brand new and stronger marriage. 

Besides God, we both take full credit for that as well.

YES… It took 2 to tango using these techniques but it took only one of us to start the dance.

As I said earlier, you only need “YOU”

…to put these secret techniques to work immediately either as the man or the woman who wants to fight to attract back the marriage and relationship you deserve and desire.

We are or were just like everybody else…

We learned and tried to enforce these STUPID rules…

“Love each other”

“Create boundaries”

“Commit to each other”

…and all the other traditional marriage and relationship rules, tips and advises. 

We are not advising you to not do these things but…

They either didn’t work or were just not enough.

Okay… they are not stupid, but that’s like preaching to the choir.

These rules or lack thereof are not the missing piece that is creating broken homes all of over the place.

We also found after receiving multiple emails from struggling couples that the rules either don’t work or

…simply just not enough to sustain a healthy marriage and relationship for most of them.

Some even go to the extent of saying…

“Love is not Enough.”

The world we live in evolves.

So it’s only natural for the rules of engagement to evolve accordingly if we want to enjoy the things we care about.

It should now be obvious why your parents’ and friends’ advice probably doesn’t always work just like it didn’t always work for us.

In fact, it sometimes made things worse.

Some words of wisdom are ancient and timeless while some are just old school and destructive.

So if you are confused, it’s time to learn something new.

Honestly, we are just lucky to have stumbled into these secrets and saved our marriage and 

Luckily for you…

You won’t need luck to save and fix your own marriage and relationship with this book as a tool.

In addition to that, you don’t have to experience the same obstacles and learning curve as we did.

But before I continue, it is important that I share with you a bit more of our story.  

You’ll understand why in a minute…

Can I Make a Confession? 

Within the first year of our marriage, it sometimes felt like bondage.

But like many people, we normalized and brushed many of those issues under the rug.

So they never went away.

In fact, those issues became resentments and worse problems for our marriage.

But with the application and deployment of the 3 secrets you just discovered…

You will save a possibly broken marriage, build and attract the marriage of your dreams…

We are talking about…

  • Passionate and Sexual Attraction
  • Unconditional Love and Connection
  • Joy, Bliss & Happiness
  • Companionship
  • Sense of Security
  • Willful Commitment
  • Loving in Total Freedom

Imagine that kind of marriage to the person you want and love 

…and becoming everybody else’s relationship goal… almost effortlessly.

If this sounds ideal (maybe UNREAL) or like what you’ve always wanted in a relationship, then listen up closely.

The tricks in this book are strategic but they feel natural and blissful without having to force anything or anyone.

The only rule that exists only exists with respect to what you personally want and everything else is secondary.

It’s very simple and we have used it to build a relationship and marriage that most people only dream about and envy…

We are not Bragging.

We are only trying to impress what’s possible in your relationship as well on you.

$9.95 Only...We'd like to rush the DIGITAL copy of the book to you, ASAP!  Instant Access to the Membership Area!

Keep in mind that you don’t have to do anything crazy like forcing yourself to talk to a person who has shut down on you and your relationship in the name of communication.

In fact, the tricks you will learn is never about begging, pleading and demonstrating any form of self disrespect.

It is about less words

…and words only at strategic moments where you are sure that it only builds your self worth, esteem and the relationship simultaneously.

$9.95 Only...We'd like to rush the DIGITAL copy of the book to you, ASAP!  Instant Access to the Membership Area!

If you are about to get married, you need this book.

It’s even better simply because you don’t have to unlearn 1943 old school relationship ideologies that don’t work anymore.

This is marriage exactly the way the successful and savvy do it.

Life comes with very few guarantees, but here is one of them.

Time will continue to pass; including the next few days that your book will arrive at your door steps.

So whether or not we allow ourselves the pleasure and the adventure of building a strong sense of “self” that will attract the best version of love and relationship.

If that sounds non-typical, that’s normal.

The danger of NOT claiming the book may include but definitely not limited to:
  • Missing out on Quality lifestyle
  • Raising angry and bitter children
  • Blue ball and Sexual frustration
  • Draining emotionally… slow death
  • Deteriorating work relationships
  • Diminishing self worth and esteem
  • Dangers of extra marital affairs and infidelity.

Maybe it gets worse on a daily basis for every day that you live without this manual

…and do nothing about the state of your marriage..

The type of marriage and relationship you are contemplating on creating are non-typical.

$9.95 Only...We'd like to rush the DIGITAL copy of the book to you, ASAP!  Instant Access to the Membership Area!

In addition to the low investment… you also have a 30 days 100% money back guarantee.

If any time before your 30th day after, you feel that it wasn’t for you,

Simply send a reply email to your receipt to request a refund.

Not only do you get 100% of your money back, you also get to keep the free book you downloaded from the membership as a thank you for trying.

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Authors & Coaches

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Almost 100% of our success stories have tried other training and systems and failed at it.

In fact, our system is designed to rescue those who have tried and failed. You are in the right place.

❓I know I will have to work the system/program in order for it to work, but with that being said, how long does it usually take to pick up traction once starting?
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Taking action now so we can rush the email with instant access info to you is the fastest route to a blissful marriage and relationship.

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