How To Handle Marriage Separation 💔 7 Tips

In this lesson, you will discover how to handle marriage separation in order to ultimately make the outcome most positive and fruitful regardless of how much pain you are dealing with.

I am sorry for whatever the reason is that you are relating to this extremely important topic; my understanding is that it’s never easy, simple, or blissful.

Most people don’t go into a marriage with the purpose or intentions of separating.  I would, however, argue that many are indirectly doing exactly that.  

I’ll explain.

We’ve got tons of separation and reconciliation stories we can share with you to emphasize some of the patterns we continue to share with you in these lessons.

But we want to extract this particular lesson from just 2 stories.  

As usual, all the advice we offer is easier said than done but they are worthwhile.

From the first story, Clara reported to us that her husband slept with someone else during separation and lied about it during and after reconciliation.

I know what you are thinking.

How could she ever possibly trust again?  She can actually. 

But wait.

We also have Christine who is worried that her children will hate her and their dad for separating.

Even though the kids have accepted her excuse for sleeping on the sofa (she told them “mommy needs her space”), she is afraid that they will start to recognize the lack of intimacy or affection at some point.

Honestly, that is probably the least of her issues.

While some may be good at hiding the pain, separation is never easy for either of the parties involved; husband or wife.

Many of today’s modern men and women lack the patience level required to see it that way because they want all the answers to life questions faster, logically, and now.

They often opt-in for pointing fingers at everything and everyone else.

So in today’s lesson, I want to point out 7 tips to help anyone in any phase of navigating separation in marriage in order to make the most out of it.

Let’s dive right into it.

Tip #7 – Rules & Boundaries.

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One of the tools professionally offered to help with separation are letters or contracts that state what the rules and boundaries are during this process.

But I want to emphasize more on the double edge nature of emphasis on rules and boundaries.

Of course, these are designed to not be crossed.  

But for quite a significant percentage of people, the emphasis on rules and boundaries tends to create attention for it and sadly, a heightened desire to cross them.

This is especially true when people are going through an experience that puts them in potentially the weakest space they’ve ever been in a lifetime.

So I want you to treat rules and boundaries with care especially during separation in marriage.

Actually, I’d rather you put more attention into yourself, self-esteem, self-worth, and understanding that the existing version of your marriage is over.

If you do decide to stay together, it should be a completely different version of your marriage.

It will make building trust a lot more easier because what happened with the other person during separation becomes less of a factor for the future.

I’m not saying this to encourage bad and sloppy behavior during separation but to encourage you to retain your much-needed power for your future with or without your present partner.

This is the tip for Clara whose husband slept with someone else during separation and lied about it.  

As far as I am concerned, it’s more so an old problem that was never solved.  

It’s an unrealistic expectation problem.  

When in separation from your marriage, anything should not go but it could because it usually would.  “Should“ is usually not the reality. 

Tip #6 – Why 

I want you to identify why you and/or your spouse have opted for separation in order to support the process with a purpose.

Any endeavor in life without an explicitly identifiable purpose is 100% destructive whether you know it or not.

Unfortunately, many people call for separation when they are in a confused state in an attempt to run away from pain or perceived pain.  

So they just leave things in the hands of fate.

Tip #5  – How Long Should You Stay Separated?

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This part is also like an oxymoron.  

Let me explain.

When people want separation from a partner or the other way around, they are also and often caught up in their feelings to a large extent.

So the idea of setting a time or term on the process is almost an oxymoron because if they could do that, they would just fix the marriage.

But that’s why I am pointing it out.

If you want to make the most positive outcome from this often unpleasant experience, I want you to be intentional.

Starting with yourself, I want you to identify and determine how long you want to give this separation process before attempting a decision to stay together or move forward.

That will help tremendously with your personal self-esteem because of the element of certainty and put you more so in the driver’s seat.

Tip #4 – Death & Growth

There is no in-between.  

Your marriage is either dying or growing at any point in time.

I am aware that you probably already know this but I also know that in the mental space of a person going through a separation, a reminder is probably necessary.

You are welcome.

Tip #3 – The Effect of Separation On Children

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Christine’s problem is not her children… that’s the least of her problems. 

The children, by default, will have their own trauma carried over into adulthood.

Of course, parents should not be adding on to that.  

But as you can see, Christine is adding on to it, maybe unknowingly, but for reasons best known to her by leaving her matrimonial bed for the couch.

She has her legitimate reasons; I’m sure.

It’s not what the kids are saying or hearing.  

It is much more like what they are watching, how they will subconsciously process and interpret them, their personality, their temperament, 2,000 other signals… 

And how they choose to live life as adults.

The only part of that you will be able to, not control but, influence is how you are living your life, maybe a little of what you say to them but more like how you nurture your marriage from what they can see.

So if you are not capable of nurturing your marriage without asking for space, they are seeing and learning that or the unhealthy and extreme opposite of that no matter how old they are. 

Speaking of space… 

Tip #2 – The Double-Edged & Deadly Nature of Space

While space can actually be a useful tool for mental health, it’s important to know that you are also creating a void and effectively allowing in other energy that may not necessarily be healthy.

Sure, you can eventually hold your partner accountable for any bad behavior or transgression during that separation process.  

It is worth noting that holding other adults accountable all by itself has massive limitations when it comes to romantic relationships and getting what you want. 

It has become pretty normal to ask for space in a marriage. 

But let’s all remember that 50% divorce rate, broken families, and fatherless children are also becoming the norm.

Tip #1 – Duty

I was talking to one of my boys who is in today’s dating market.  

He went ahead and told me in so many ways how modern women lack a sense of duty when it comes to the role of a wife.

This has been simply his experience and I don’t see that as an absolute truth. But I’ve also seen enough to know that this is true to a large extent.  

70-80% of divorces are initiated by women and it goes up to 90% for college and university-educated modern women.

I personally think that the breakdown in family leadership has contributed the most to these unpleasant statistics. 

But I also think it will help tremendously if men have the help of the modern women who want marriage and the family structure in bringing a sense of duty to the “table” while we also continue to address the leadership issues.

After all, both the men and women (and especially children who are the leaders of tomorrow)  benefit from the love and connection but also the long-term benefit of a family structure.  

Duty and not the momentary feelings have been responsible for all structures that stand the test of time.  

It’s time to work together, sadly, on the structure-building end of things.  

Sad because I think this is the sole responsibility of men particularly from a place of leadership with or without permission from women.

Nonetheless, a sense of duty will reduce the number of women running for the hills at the slightest instance of emotional difficulty in a marriage.

I want to encourage men to work on updating our family leadership skills for the 21st century; it’s pretty lazy to keep referencing the society from 100 years ago.  

And it is highly dangerous to count on women to intentionally bring a sense of duty into the family structure beyond just a bonus if that ever happens.

I don’t think a typical woman is capable of that.  I also subscribe to “never say never.”

So tell me in the comment area one additional bonus tip or question to help more people become better on the other end of separation in a marriage.  

We will be happy to create more videos around it.

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“My Wife DISRESPECTS Me” 9 Points Advice for you Especially in Separation… ❤️

In this lesson, I am sharing a 9-point marriage separation advice in order to give you the best chance to attract your spouse back in love with you.

At the bottom of this page, you will find the question that inspired this lesson.

Marriage Separation Advice - My wife disrespects me

(1) Give Yourself Space

It’s most likely that your spouse has asked you for space.

So if that’s the case, it’s very important that you don’t see it as a bad idea because frankly you probably need the space more.

You just can’t see that, because rejection breeds obsession.

Take advantage of the space apart to build a better “you”.

(2) Don’t Overrate Affairs

While your spouse may be distracted by an emotional or physical affair with another person, don’t highlight it.

The affair will never be worth what you have already shared with your spouse

But it is important that you showcase being unbothered by anything or anyone outside of the relationship you have with him or her.

The worst thing you can do is to spend your space apart bickering about affairs; it will only expand and you will push your spouse further away.

(3) It Takes One But…

Insisting that you stay together is not going to help save your marriage as much as attracting your spouse back.

It only takes one person to create attraction but that requires a process and insisting otherwise will interrupt that process of attraction.

Instead, let go as it only takes “you” to build attraction which is the single most important thing that is missing right now.

(4) Don’t Use/Abuse Children

The marriage separation period will come with a lot of temptations

And one of them is trying to inflict emotional abuse and blackmail on your spouse.

Another one is abusing your children as a tool to accomplish that goal.

It always backfires.

The most common one, believe it or not, is not as obvious as you may think.

It happens more in the form of manipulation under the pretense of protecting the child or children.

What you want to do is stay focused on what you want and don’t want

And leave the children out of it even if that’s painful for you emotionally.

Your emotional feelings are temporary.

The only exception to this, is physical abuse of the children; in that case, it would be non-negotiable to get the children removed from harm’s way.

(5) After 3 Months, You are Free

It’s not advisable to engage in transgressions with other people during separation but we are all humans.

Technically, you are free to move on after 3 months of lack of sexual relationship when it is not medically related in my personal opinion.

But also in my personal opinion, the most profitable and worthwhile thing to work on in this period is self growth.

If you don’t, transgression and the lifestyle that comes with it can destroy everything you care about.

It can be even worse when it’s done in retaliation.

If you decide to move on, seek legal counsel to avoid exposing you and/or your children to unfavorable legal loopholes.

(6) More Actions/Less Talking

That should be pretty clear but be careful not to confuse certain inaction with emotional centered-ness.

For example, don’t abandon your children and/or your normal responsibilities in the name of less talking.

That would be irresponsible and such behavior will continue to lower your spouse’s attraction towards you.

Just keep in mind that changed behavior is the best apology.

So for the most part, verbal apology will work against you because of the expectation for instant results.

Stay away from arguments, approval seeking behaviors and focus on building your self during this period.

(7) You Allow Disrespect

If there are any type of disrespect and/or disregard from your spouse during your separation, ask yourself first,

“How did I put myself in that position?”

“How did I allow that”?

You need to take the time to extract the answer to that question as it will help with clarity as you move into the new phase of your marriage.

The bottom-line and the result of this exercise should be that no one should be taking anyone for granted again.

When you take yourself for granted, your spouse will see it as a permission to take you for granted if they are weak like most people.

(8) Never Bribe for Sex

Don’t manipulate with whatever you do for your spouse, children and family at this time as a bribe for sex.

It will work against your desire.

Do it if you find it honorable to do and you don’t have to if you don’t feel like it.

The worst thing you can do is do it and then blame them for not reciprocating.

(9) Work on Yourself

That should be self explanatory.

Use the marriage separation period to build yourself and attract the love and affection that you deserve.

It’s simple but I agree…

It’s easier said than done.

Below is a question for us to address with this lesson…

“ I really enjoy your content on IG: @LOLAandOLA and I need to ask you a question.

In April 2017, my wife said she wanted space for 2 weeks because we were not in a good place and she was distracted by an affair at the time.

Initially, I objected and wanted us to get a fresh new start.

She did not return and recently found out she is in a full blown now having sexually intimate moments with her partner on the same bed as my 6 years old daughter who told me she’s uncomfortable.

As a christian, am I totally free without guilt to remarry even though we are not officially divorced.

I’m not going to crawl and beg her.

I did all I could to fight and save the marriage. But it’s clearly not working out.

She finds joy in disrespecting me and talking to me anyhow, rudely and distastefully.

Mind you, I am financially okay and earn 8-figures per annum.

I still give her monthly up-keep, 120K per month, for my daughters, excluding fees, clothing… until 2019 January when I stopped for many reasons.”

Enjoy the video.


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What should you not do during separation?

The number ONE thing to not do during separation is to NOT focus on yourself and building yourself. When you focus on building yourself, you will attract the love and marriage you desire and deserve.

Is separation good for a marriage?

Yes because distance does makes the heart fonder. In other words, space creates attraction and it is encouraged if things have gotten very toxic.

How do you cope with a marriage separation?

It is important to focus on building your self worth and value in other to attract the love and marriage you desire and deserve. Write out your vision of your desired marriage and hold it close to you. Stay out of unnecessary contact with your spouse during this period.

How long should a marriage separation last?

It needs to last for as long as it takes for your spouse to stop taking you for granted or for as long as you need to find your self worth and value; whichever is longer, it is worth it.

Does a separation help a marriage?

“Distance makes the heart fonder.” In other words, space creates attraction and it is encouraged if things have gotten very toxic in your marriage. So it is winning if you both could agree to a separation.

What is a marriage separation?

It is an agreement between a couple to spend some time apart in order to find happiness in the marriage again.

When is marital separation a good idea?

It is encouraged if things have gotten very toxic in your marriage.