What to Say to a WIFE WHO WANTS A DIVORCE ❤️ Get My Marriage Back 4

QUESTION – “What can I say to my wife to stop a divorce?”

In addition to what to say to her to stop the divorce, you also need to learn how to say what to say.

Believe it or not, there is not much to say other than “I UNDERSTAND”. You can’t afford to start begging or apologizing once a woman get to this stage.

It doesn’t have to be her idea to stop the divorce but it needs to feel like it’s her idea to her. If she feels smothered into stopping the divorce, that will become a confirmation that continuing the divorce is the right decision.

When a woman asks for divorce, she has lost respect for you and no longer values the marriage. Any manipulative move will further decline the value of the marriage from her perspective.

Watch the video for more insights on how to talk and relate with a wife who has asked for divorce.

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UNPOPULAR OPINIONS: Jackie Aina vs Dyna Ekwueme | THE FINALE ❤️ Get My Marriage Back SPECIAL

On August 16th, 2016, Popular YouTuber and Influencer Jacki Aina @jackieaina published a video titled “Unpopular Opinions: Marrying Young and Societal Pressures | Jackie Aina”.

In the video, she expressed how she is very happy with the new wave of women who do not feel pressured into the ideal or old ideal of a woman to submits into the pressure of being a 2nd hand in a marriage.

Apparently, she had not so pleasant experience being married in her early 20’s.

Recently in her early 30’s, she just got engaged to be married again.

Another Nigerian popular YouTube Influencer Dyna Ekwueme @dynaekwueme has chosen to take a seemingly polar opposite stand on the issue.

On August 20th 2019, She published a video response or reaction to Jackie Aina’s video titled “UNPOPULAR OPINIONS: MARRIAGE IS NOT FOR JACKIE AINA.”

Inside her video, she expressed reasons for the societal pressure and encouraged young marriage.

She out rightly said married does define women.

She in fact said it can make or break a woman.

Since then, she has received lots of backlash on this issue.

Lola and OLA find it interesting that 2 people with no extensive experience in my marriage have so much opinions about it.

The are both either right or both wrong. Find out in the special edition of GET MY MARRIAGE BACK which one is it.


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