Can “NO CONTACT RULE” bring my wife back⁉️ ❤️ Get My Marriage Back 15

QUESTION ⁉️ “I have a serious question. I am 5 days into no contact with an ex-wife.

I notice she still likes my post and also watches my snapchat stories daily.

Since I post daily, she doesn’t wonder what I am doing since she can just watch me.

Should I block her from my social media or she can just watch me have fun?”


No Contact Rule During Marriage Separation


QUESTION ⁉️ “ I watched a video on how to save my marriage back and I must say I learned a lot from it.

My husband has been in the US for about 10 years before he brought me to join him.

This is my 3rd year of being in the U.S with him and our marriage will be 9years in December.

Since I came, I have observed he hides things from me.

I don’t have access to his phone, account or his laptop.

When I asked him, he said his phone is personal.

He is a nurse and works night shift almost every night.

He doesn’t have time for me and my two kids.

He doesn’t allow me to work so I decided to go to school for nursing and he agreed to sponsor my school.

Anytime I raise the issue of work he would flare up and threaten to send me back to Nigeria.

The worst of it is that I suspect him cheating based on some of his attitudes and he denied.

He even traveled out of state to hang out with his friends for 4 days and I was not happy about it.

When I asked him to show me his flight ticket confirmation he refused and turned it to an argument.

When he’s going to work, he always kiss me and tell me he loves me but his actions are obviously contradictory.

He does the groceries himself. I can go on and on. Right now, I feel cheated and confused. I am worried about my kids too.

Please, I need help.

I am sorry for the long message. Just the way I feel.”


Why Is My Husband Hiding Things From Me